Chao Containers

Sky Rail

Chao Container #1

When you get to the first rocket, you can see the Chao Container past it to the left. Homing attack the beetle robot to get across to it.

Chao Container #2

After the first checkpoint you will grind down some long rails. Keep going and you will grind some more rails until you get to a plaform with a propeller bounce pad thing and two large G.U.N. robots. One of the robots is hovering on the side in open air, the Chao Container is on a platform underneath it (still attached to the cliff face). It’s hard to judge so good luck with the jump!

Chao Container #3

At the second checkpoint you will again grind down some long rails. When you land, go to the left until you get to a propeller bounce spring thing, and as you go up you will see the Chao Container on the right hand side, inside a cliff opening.

Chao Container Guide

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