Chao Containers

Final Rush

Chao Container #1

Right at the start of the stage you will be on a rail. You will see two other rails diverting to other directions - you need to take the left one! This is pretty hard, and I get the most success jumping early so I have the right speed to jump-dash onto the next vertical rail. If I go full speed I end up flinging myself into space! Jump up to the next platform and rail and you will eventually be taken to the Chao Container.

Chao Container #2

Directly after the first checkpoint you can see the Chao Container on the platform below between two metal boxes.

Chao Container #3

After a long series of small vertical grind sections, you will get to a series of springs that will send you onto a grind rail. As you are flung through the air you can see the Chao Container on your left - Stop!! Hold the opposite direction on the pad and Sonic will be static on the rail. Jump-dash back along the rail back to the platform to get the Chao Container.

Chao Container Guide

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