Chao Containers

Green Forest

Chao Container #1

After landing from the first launch pad, you will be presented with two paths: ascending platforms on the left, or a narrow tunnel directly ahead. Proceed into the tunnel. You will soon come across a spiked enemy near a shallow pool of water; destroy it, but avoid the booster pads directly ahead of it. Instead, roll under a small hole in the right side of the tunnel. You will roll into a room with the well-hidden Chao Container.

Chao Container #2

Soon after the second checkpoint, you will be sent swinging on a vine until you land on a large platform with a hollowed-out tree on the left and three wooden boxes on the right. Continue forward and simply drop over the edge of this platform, instead of jumping up to the floating ones. The second Chao Container is hidden below.

Chao Container #3

The third Chao Container is impossible to miss. Right after the third checkpoint, you will go through a loop and then be forced to take a series of springs up to floating platforms. The Chao Container is on the second platform, right in plain sight.

Chao Container Guide

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