Chao Containers

Metal Harbor

Chao Container #1

Soon after the first launch pad, you’ll come across some enemies that you can use the homing attack on to reach the next platform. You can do this, or just continue past them to a spring which will launch you to the platform. Either way, you’ll want to land on or jump up to the higher-up platform. Once there, just use a homing attack on the floating enemy to your right and jump across to the cylindrical platform. The first Chao Container is right there for you to open.

Chao Container #2

Soon after the first Chao Container, you’ll have to use the homing attack to cross a series of floating enemies, and you will then have to use the Light Dash to cross a long chain of rings. This will take you to a very large, open area, with booster pads and planes flying over above. Proceed forwards to find a set of garages on the left; the second Chao Container is in the middle garage on ground level.

Chao Container #3

Shortly after the second Chao Container, you will have to cross another series of floating enemies with the homing attack. This will take you to a platform with a capsule of rings and the third checkpoint placed immediately before a rocket. Do not take this rocket yet; the third Chao Container is just to the right of here.

Chao Container Guide

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