Chao Containers

Mission Street

Chao Container #1

When you get to the first section where the bridge breaks down (under the WANTED: TAILS sign), run and hover over it to the other side and it will lead you to the Chao Container. If you miss/fall don’t worry! When you reach the weight that you have to stand on to progress, fly towards the camera and it will take you to the same place.

Chao Container #2

Following on from the above location, just past all the pillars with dynamite on it, you can find the next Chao Container hidden behind some wooden boxes round to the left.

Chao Container #3

Shortly after the part with numerous pillars with dynamite, you will get to a part where you will hover downwards. The Chao Container is just below to the left by some wooden boxes.

Chao Container Guide

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