Lost Chao Locations

Sonic Adventure 2 stages have five different missions. The third mission of each stage is to “Find the lost Chao!”. So how did the Chao get lost? Is it the same Chao lost in every stage? Well, regardless of all that, this guide will show you how to find each one and what time is needed to be graded an ‘A’ Rank!

Looks like some old ruins… (?)

A key part of finding the Lost Chao is to find the ancient ruins on the stage. There may be more than one! To activate it, you will need to use the Mystic Melody ability and a new route will open up which will lead to the Lost Chao! Make sure you have the Mystic Melody ability before you go hunting for Lost Chao!

For more in-depth information about the Lost Chao itself, please see our Lost Chao Wiki Page!!

Lost Chao Locations

Coco the Mascot Chao