Lost Chao Locations

Sand Ocean


Required Upgrades:

Jet EngineJet Engine
Large CannonLarge Cannon

Finding the Lost Chao:

There is no Ancient Ruin needed for this levels Lost Chao! Work through the level as normal until you get to the rotating platform just before the second checkpoint. Instead of the usual path to the right (through the checkpoint), you need to go straight across. You will see a platform with a spring. Hover over to the platform and land on it (do not use the spring). You will see another platform moving very fast backwards and forwards. Time your jump correctly and hover onto it. While on this fast moving platform, you need to break the four metal boxes stacked on the platform ahead using your Large Cannon and then hover over to it. Carry on going to the next section and you will find the Lost Chao.

Lost Chao Locations

Coco the Mascot Chao