Lost Chao Locations

Radical Highway


Required Upgrades:

Mystic MelodyMystic Melody

Locating the Ancient Ruins:

Directly after the douple loop, you find some orange ramps which launch you into a pole you can swing on. If you miss the ramps, you can jump onto the pole manually by climbing the wooden boxes. From here, it will launch you onto a higher area with a G.U.N. robot. There is another pole to jump onto which will launch you onto the floating pillars moving up and down. Carefully jump up, and use the homing attack on the G.U.N. Beetles when their shield is deactivated to move across to the other side. You will be on an area with the Golden Beetle appearring in the middle, and an Omochao either side. Now, instead of grinding down the rail forwards, turn around and grind the rail backwards! Remember to crouch for speed. It will takes you all the way down and back up to the other side of the bridge, where you will see the Ancient Ruin.

Finding the Lost Chao:

Activate the ruins with the Mystic Melody and some platforms will appear. Jump across these to reach the Lost Chao.

Lost Chao Locations

Coco the Mascot Chao