Lost Chao Locations

City Escape


Required Upgrades:

Mystic MelodyMystic Melody

Locating the Ancient Ruins:

Float through the stage at the speed of sound until you get to the part where Sonic runs vertically down the side of a building. At the bottom, and to the left (you might need to pan the camera around to see it), you will see the Ancient Ruin!

Finding the Lost Chao:

Activate the ruins with the Mystic Melody and a spring will appear on top of it. Now you will have to make your way upwards using a number of pulleys, springs and enemies until you reach one of the horizontal red swinging poles. Time your jump on this and you will be launched towards a gap in the side of the building. Aim your landing into here and you will find the Lost Chao!

Lost Chao Locations

Coco the Mascot Chao