Lost Chao Locations

Crazy Gadget


Required Upgrades:

Mystic MelodyMystic Melody
Light ShoesLight Shoes

Locating the Ancient Ruins:

Play through the stage until you reach the outside area with the large coloured platforms/shapes with the gravity switches (at the end of the stage). Activate the first switch and you will land on a purple platform upside-down. Walk you your left (that’s your left, not Sonic’s left!) and round until you get to another switch guarded by a G.U.N. Beetle. Instead of using the switch, go to the right edge and jump - aiming for the red platform below. There is a crazy Chaos 0 type enemy here shooting lasers, but to the left there is another gravity switch. Activate this and you will simply drop down to the purple platfrom right underneath you. Follow this round and you will reach the Anicent Ruins.

Finding the Lost Chao:

Activate the ruins with the Mystic Melody and a trail of rings will appear. Make sure when you use the Light Shoes on this, you are holding forwards on your control stick. If you don’t, when the light dash ends you will fall to your death! If you are successful, you will land on the platform and be able to reach the Lost Chao. Be careful! There are enemies flying around guarding the area.

Lost Chao Locations

Coco the Mascot Chao