Lost Chao Locations

Hidden Base


Required Upgrades:

Mystic MelodyMystic Melody

Locating the Ancient Ruins:

Play through the level normally, and you will reach the Ancient Ruins by a strange ancient door. You can’t miss it.

Finding the Lost Chao:

Activate the ruins with the Mystic Melody and the ancient looking door in front of you will open. There will be a lot of big floating G.U.N. robots here, try to destroy them all when you jump down because they can be pretty dangerous. Jump down below and land on the platforms and go into the next room. There will be blocks rotating in the quicksand so be careful and aim to jump onto the pulley, which will take you up to where the Lost Chao is. Jump off the pulley and hover over to one of the springs either side that will bounce you to the Lost Chao.

Lost Chao Locations

Coco the Mascot Chao