NiGHTS & Cards Pinball

Okay, so with the help of the Levitate code and hacking Amy to play in the NiGHTS pinball, I have determined the exact amount of rings the cards and Ideyas give you and how it works.


Round Bumpers1 Ring
Triangle Bumpers1 Ring
Left Route3 Rings per pass + 10 Rings every 5 passes.
Lights1 Ring per pass + 15 Rings when all 3 are lit. You may pass these as much as you like. When all three are lit, they reset. Use the flippers to switch which are lit. Activates Right Bunker Barrier.
Pink Panels1 Ring per panel + 15 Rings when all 3 are hit. Panels can only be hit once until resetted. When all three are hit, they reset. Activates Left Bunker Barrier.
Pink Barriers8 Rings but removes barrier.
Nitemare Pinball Table Entry1 Ring, but only after the first visit.


Green (Good)Red (Bad)
Elliot EdwardPuffy
Claris SinclairGillwing
Blue ChipsNothing
One Pair10 Rings
Two Pairs20 Rings
Three of a Kind30 Rings
Full House50 Rings
Four of a Kind70 Rings
Five of a KindNothing. I guess they never intended you to get this, as 5 can’t ever spawn at the same time in one room, but in two rooms, yes.

To get an Ideya to appear, you need to collect three Blue Chips Cards, it doesn’t matter that you have them in a pair or something, just collecting them at all, and an Ideya will appear in the Nightmare room. Collect the Ideya and drop it off, and repeat the progress. If you do this 4 times and thus have all 5 Ideyas, you will earn exactly 300 rings! Remember, you have to collect the blue chips AFTER you drop off the Ideya!


One Pair: 10 Rings

Two Pairs: 20 Rings

Three of a Kind: 30 Rings 30 Second Timer for Left Route. Earn a 10 Ring Bonus for passing through! Do it again for a 15 Ring Bonus, and again for 20, and so on! No real cap here, but not that you can pass through that many times anyway.

Full House: 50 Rings 30 Second Timer for Middle Tube. Entering or Exiting the Tube earns you 10 Rings. Repeating either of these earns you 20 Rings, again earns you 30, then 40, and so on!

Four of a Kind: 70 Rings 45 Second Timer for Pink Panels. If you hit all three, you will earn a 30 Ring bonus! Do it again for 60 Rings, and again for 90, and so on! It caps at 150 Rings.

Straight: 100 Rings! The only way to get this is to have all the unique “Good” cards, the cards with a green border. That means you must have NiGHTS, Elliot, Claris, Nitopian, and Blue Chips. You can’t get this with the red cards since there’s only 4 of them. This spawns a 60 second timer for the three lights. But you don’t get any additional rings.

Five of a Kind: Nothing. It’s treated as getting junk cards. I guess they never expected this to be possible.

Any hand that earns you rings will open a door to the Nitemare Pinball Table. If a hand spawns a Timer, the door will not open until Timer is up.

NiGHTS will already have 1 Ideya in his shrine. To collect an Ideya, you must collect at least 3 Blue Chips Cards. An Ideya will spawn in the central generator in the Nitemare Pinball Table. Launch towards the generator to collect the Ideya. You can then drop it off when exiting the Nitemare Pinball Table. You must collect 3 Blue Chips Cards AFTER you drop off the Ideya otherwise another won’t spawn. When all 5 Ideyas are in the Shrine, you will earn 300 Rings! You can then repeat the whole process.


  • Bunker Barriers in the Nitemare Pinball Table are linked to the NiGHTS Pinball Table. If the left barrier in the NiGHTS Table appears, the Right in the Nitemare Table appears also. And Vise Versa. Same if you remove them in either side, they’re linked.
  • 5 of a Kind CAN indeed appear in the Nitemare Pinball Table, so it is actually humanly possible, but you’ll have to set it up somehow.
  • The bonus values here add in addition to the regular value unless you already get a bonus from it without a timer.
  • When any timer runs out, bonus restarts back to the first value.
  • If you somehow receive so many bonuses too fast, you don’t actually get the full reward.
  • There’s an unused Red card, Jackle. There’s also unused Nitopian eggs in the Nitemare pinball table, which hatch when you touch them. However, their egg and eggshells are solid objects, blocking the bunkers.

I’ve also posted a video regarding all this info!

New info: You CAN spawn Bunker Barriers in the Nitemare Pinball Table, they’re linked to the NiGHTS Pinball Table. But when the left is activated, the right is on the other. And vise versa.

Also, 5 of the same card CAN appear in the Nitemare Pinball Table as well. Before I thought that only a max of 4 and 3 can appear in both rooms. I’ll update my past post with this new info!

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