Sonic & Slots Pinball


Round Bumpers1 Ring
Triangle Bumpers1 Ring
Right Route3 Rings per pass + 10 Rings every 5 passes.
Lights1 Ring per pass + 15 Rings when all 3 are lit. You may pass these as much as you like. When all three are lit, they reset. Use the flippers to switch which are lit.
Pink Panels1 Ring per panel + 15 Rings when all 3 are hit. Panels can only be hit once until resetted. When all three are hit, they reset.
Left Tube - Right Area Clear20 Rings + 1 “?” Ring Capsule and 1-UP, sets up a pink barrier on the right bunker.
Right Tube - Left Area Clear20 Rings + 2 “?” Ring Capsules and 1-UP, sets up a pink barrier on the left bunker.
Pink Barriers8 Rings but removes barrier.
Slots Entry5 Rings


When you match three icons in the slots, you get a reward based on what is matched. A timer will appear on the board, and you cannot receive any other slot prizes (other than Slots Entry) until the timer runs out.

3 SonicsSpeed Star - 50 Rings99 Second Timer for both tubes. If you clear both, you will win an additional 150 Rings! Timers will then respawn. (Doesn’t reset the actual timer)
3 TailsT-Kickback - 15 Rings45 Second Timer for the Lights and safety barrier on the bottom. If you pass through all 3 lights, you will earn a bonus of 30 rings!
3 KnucklesShining “K” - 30 Rings80 Second Timer first appears on Left Tube Button. Touch it to earn 10 Rings and timer will relocate to Right Route. Pass it to earn 20 Rings and timer will relocate to Right Tube Button. Touch it to earn 40 Rings and timer will relocate to the left of the three lights. Pass that to earn 81+x Rings where x is # of times you passed through the light with the Timer Active. No real way to tell if there is a cap here, especially since you’re not going to pass through there that many times within the timer.
3 AmysBlue Rose - 50 Rings60 Second Timer for Pink Panels. If you hit all three, you will earn a 30 Ring bonus! Do it again for 60 Rings, and again for 90, and so on! It caps at 150 Rings.
3 RingsRing-3K - 15 Rings30 Second Timer for a trail of 16 Rings in the Right Route. Collect all 16 and earn a 20 Ring Bonus!
3 RobotniksFinal Eggman - -50 Rings60 Second Timer for slots. If you match three Robotniks again, you will earn 100 rings!

Icons on all 3 reels on slots

Reel 1Reel 2Reel 3

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