Chao Adventure

Chao Adventure is an independent mini game that you can play on your Visual Memory Unit (VMU) in Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast. One of the most unique features of Sonic Adventure and the Dreamcast console itself was the ability to interact with this portable memory card - the VMU. This little device had a screen, d-pad and two buttons, allowing the user to download and play mini games portably away from the console!

This allows you to choose a Chao in your garden and transfer it to your VMU via the Chao Transporter located in each garden. It allows your Chao to go on its very own adventure with you. This is also an important part of raising your Chao’s stats quickly! You are able to train your Chao’s skills without having to worry about your Chao aging, and also obtain unique items which have special effects when taken back to the Chao Gardens.

In this guide we will try to detail as much information as possible regarding Chao Adventure and the VMU. There also a guide for the sequel, Chao Adventure 2 which you may want to read!

Activating The Game

To let your Chao go on an adventure, you must take it to the big VMU model (The Chao Transporter) where it will be gently thrown inside of it. Select a VMU with at least 128 blocks of free space - and as long as you have no other mini-game already on the VMU - it will save the Chao Adventure mini game onto it. Once this is done, and your Chao has been transported into your VMU, you’re ready to play!

When you take out your VMU and start up Chao Adventure, you will be greated with the start screen. Press the A + B buttons simultaneously, and you’re ready to have fun adventuring and building up your Chao!


A Sonic Adventure save, the Chao Garden Data, and the Chao Adventure minigame file will take up 166 blocks out of 200 blocks available in the VMU! Also, make sure your VMU has batteries!

Below are the different routes you can take. On the marked stages you will meet a character from the main game who will help you out!

Chao Adventure route map

Chao Adventure Guide

Coco the Mascot Chao