During your Chao’s adventure, a few things may happen:

  • Your Chao’s journey will be interrupted - it could trip up, fall asleep, lie on a beach ball, get frightened, and many others. Give him some encouragement by pressing the ‘A’ button on the VMU and he will continue on with his adventure. There is a full list of interruptions further down this page.
  • Your Chao will come across a chest. You have three options, one of them is usually a lazynut (bad!).
  • You may get a message on screen with a message from your Chao, or some information about it. Press A to read through and continue with the adventure.
  • A big “!?” sign will signal a fight! detailed fully in the Bully Chao section on this page.

Your Chao will eventually reach a signpost signaling that he has reached the end of the current stage. You can pick the next direction to go or let your Chao choose! There is a full route map on the map page of this guide.


Here is a full list of things that can happen to your Chao to cause it to pause it’s adventure until you get it back on track (by pressing the ‘A’ button!). There will be a general ‘slip-up’ that can occur randomly, and a specific event that will occur at the halfway point. Note that this can also be triggered by giving your Chao a Lazynut to eat.

Whilst walking:

  • Chao will trip up
  • Halfway point - Chao will lie on a beach ball

Whilst swimming:

  • Chao will struggle in the water drowning
  • Halfway point - Chao will be distracted by a friendly dolphin

Whilst flying:

  • Chao will lose balance in the air
  • Halfway point - Chao will fall asleep in the air

Whilst climbing:

  • Chao will slip and hang from the rope
  • Halfway point - Chao will be distracted by a friendly bird

Treasure Chest

Ocassionally, your Chao will find a treasure Chest! These occur at specific points, detailed in the map section. You will also be rewarded with a chest for each fight you win versus a Bully Chao. You have three hidden choices in the chest and you can only pick one! One of them will be empty or contain a lazynut (bad!).

There are 4 types of chests each with a set of rewards. The contents will be in the same order shown below, but are in a loop.

  1. Hastnut, Lemon, Lazynut
  2. Lifenut, Empty, Plum
  3. Starnut, Grape, Lazynut
  4. Chaonut, Cherry, Empty

Normal Chao

As mentioned, your Chao’s mood can be one of three things. If you Chao is in a NORMAL mood, it will have a unique ability! You will find out that when you come accross a treasure chest, it will be able to detect which treasure choice is the bad one (has the lazynut or is empty). You can use this information combined with the fruit orders shown above to ensure you get the chance of a fruit you want!


Every hour, on the hour (using your VMU’s internal clock), your Chao will have a message for you depending on what time it is. For example, in the morning hours, it will say good morning or other various things. In the evening hours, it will talk about dinner. In the afternoon, your Chao may give you a quiz! The full text dumps are on the game-text page.

!? Bully Chao

On your adventure, you may encounter a fight with a Bully Chao. These will also occur at specific times. You will know when a fight is about to begin when your VMU beeps and a large flashing ‘!?’ will appear on the screen. The Bully Chao will appear opposite you and both Chao will be ready to fight! The first Chao to deplete the other Chao’s HP wins the fight! If you win, you get to open a Treasure Chest as detailed above. If you lose, the Bully Chao will take one of your fruit! (TODO) (???)

Your Chao will have the advantage and will be able to attack first. A marker will quickly move along a number of dark and clear circular icons; fight off the Chao by pressing the ‘A’ button when the selector lands on a clear icon. If you manage to select a clear circle, your Chao will land an attack! If it stops on a filled circle, your Chao will miss and forfeit its turn. For every 200 points of power your Chao has, you get another clear circle in your fighting bar to make it easier. Personally I have found that if you aim to press ‘A’ just before the selector moves to the clear circle, you will have the best chance of landing a hit!

If you take too long, it will stop automatically on any circle, leaving it to chance if you will hit or miss!

Types of Bully Chao

Your Chao will come across many types of Chao Bullies. It’s important to know each type of Chao, how much HP they have, and where they lurk!

  • Child Bully (2HP) – Appears in Field and Jungle.
  • Swim Bully (4HP) – Appears in Beach, Forest, Wasteland, Bigtree and Shrine.
  • Fly Bully (6HP) – Appears in Cliff, City, Tower, Oasis and Shrine.
  • Run Bully (8HP) – Appears in Jungle, Tower and Shrine.
  • Power Bully (10HP) – Appears in Tower, Oasis, River and Cave.

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