During your Chao’s adventure, a few things may happen:

  • Your Chao’s journey will be inturrupted - it could trip up, fall asleep, lie on a beach ball, get frightened, and many others. Give him some encouragement by pressing the A button on the VMU and he will continue on with his adventure. There are a full list of interruptions further down this page.
  • Your Chao will come across a chest. You have three options, one of them is usually a lazynut (bad!).
  • You may get a message on screen with a message from your Chao, or some information about it. Press A to read through and continue with the adventure.
  • A big “!?” sign will signal a fight! detailed fully in the Bully Chao section on this page.

Your Chao will eventually reach a signpost signaling that he has reached the end of the current stage. You can pick the next direction to go or let your Chao choose! There is a full route map on the map page of this guide.


Here is a full list of things that can happen to your Chao to cause it to pause it’s adventure until you get it back on track (by pressing the A button!)

Whilst walking:

  • Chao will lie on a beach ball
  • Chao will trip up
  • Chao will trip up
  • Chao will trip up

Whilst swimming:

Whilst flying:

Whilst climbing:

Treasure Chest

!? Bully Chao

Fights On your adventure, you may encounter a fight with a Bully Chao. A marker will quickly move along a number of dark and clear circular icons; fight off the Chao by pressing the ‘A’ button when the selector lands on a clear icon. The first Chao to depleat the other Chao’s HP wins the fight! If you win, you get to open a chest with a fruit inside it. For every 200 points of power your Chao has, you get another clear circle in your fighting bar to make it easier.

Chao Adventure Guide

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