You can obtain fruit for your Chao in the following ways:

  • Playing the fruit matching mini-game.
  • Finding a treasure chest (from the map or Bully Chao event).
  • Finishing an adventure.

Note that you will also receive a treasure chest when you win a fight against a Bully Chao. If you lose the fight, the Bully Chao will take a fruit from you!

Feeding your Chao fruit from Chao Adventure are the fastest way to boost your Chao’s stats. You can store up to 8 items in your inventory that can also be taken back to the Chao Garden to be given to your Chao.

ChaonutChaonutMAX+4+4+4+4Restores all HP
HastnutHastnut-----Speeds you up double speed through the current Chao Adventure stage. You can use a maximum of 4 for the stage. (Stacks to a max speed of 25.5m per step!) No effect in garden.
StarnutStarnut-----Improves your punch power while fighting in Chao Adventure for a single stage. No effect in garden.
LifenutLifenutMAX----Recovers all HP. In garden it will make your Chao ready to mate and bloom a circle of flowers.
LazynutLazynut-----In Chao Adventure causes your Chao to stop walking and raise happiness. But in the garden it will make your Chao very tired and very unhapppy!

Inventory Space

You can only hold 8 fruit at a time! If you collect another fruit while already holding 8 fruit, the first fruit collected (top one in the list) will disappear! Make sure you always use your fruit to keep some space free in your inventory!


The Starnut and the Lazynut both look the same! I believe this is a bug in the game where they mistakenly use the same model. With some digging through the game files and using some Japanese guidebooks, we believe the correct skin should be this: Lazynut

Chao Adventure Guide

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