This page will describe basic use of the Visual Memory Unit (VMU), and the interace of the game itself.

Accessing The Game

Your VMU is blah blah blah TODO

A to go forward B to go back

you press the sleep button to wake up the VMU, then press menu until you get to the ace of spades logo. Now press A. Chao Adventure will start!

Adventure Screen

The first image you will see is your Chao journeying across the screen casually. At first it will be walking, but eventually as you reach other levels it can also be swimming, flying or climbing. Your Chao will walk on its own, and the only thing you’ll need to worry about is various events happening with your Chao, fully detailed in the events section.

At anytime your Chao is strolling along, and without anything else happening at the moment, you can bring up the main menu by pressing the A button. Here, you can view the status of your Chao, see your inventory, play the fruit matching game and more - please see the full list below:

The Main Menu

Main Menu
STATUSSee your Chao's name, current status and skills.
ITEMSLook at what fruits you have. You can feed your Chao from here too. If you take your Chao out of the VMU and back into the garden, the items left here will also transfer to the garden.
GAMEPlay a fruit matching game. You have three lives to match all the fruit! If you get a perfect score you will get one of the special fruit.
MATINGIf you connect to another VMU you can mate your Chao.
BATTLEIf you connect to another VMU you can battle your Chao!
OWNERYou can see your personal information (name, birthday etc).
FRIENDYou can see the information of a VMU you have connected with in the past (name, birthday etc).
MAPShows the current stage name, the route map, and how far your Chao has travelled.
SETTINGTurn the sound on/off, and edit your personal information for the "owner" option. Please see table below for the setting information.
NAMEName your Chao! Seven characters maximum.
Settings Menu
SOUNDTurn the VMU beep ON or OFF.
DATAOptions are CHANGE and CANCEL.
REWRITEYou can change your personal information. Options are NAME, GENDER, COLOR, D.O.B, TEL, U LIKE, SECRET

Chao Adventure Guide

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