Chao Types

When you insert your Chao into the VMU, your Chao will take appearance of its first evolution from the Chao Garden. Every evolution takes on a unique appearance – except the Normal Type – and has unique animations.

Child/Normal Type – A Standard Chao for VMU standards. It doesn’t have any special properties or animations, but it is at least the iconic baseline for all types of Chao. Its horn is placed further back to not only make room for above its head, but also to fill dead space.

Full Sprite Sheet

All sprites from the game have been fully ripped, organised and shared by UltimaNumber! It’s a fantastic effort and we are proud to share the full sheet here on Chao Island.

Ultima says: Oh my goodness, where do I begin with this one…

After such a long time, I’ve finally managed to rip every single sprite in Chao Adventure like no one has ever done before! All the Chao types, all objects and characters, even all the unused sprites and the garbled Chaos Chao! Thanks to the use of a Binary viewer, I managed to snag all the data and import it to a notepad, where I could replace all 0s with periods and 1s with squares, allowing me to trace and rework all the sprites! Every sprite has been sorted by index in the coding! I’ve even included any and all errors!

Now, there are quite a few sprites that do need explanation. Apparently, the Chao drawing on paper just never gets used. The garbled Chaos Chao proved to me that there was unused sprites, which caused me to find programs to obtain the data! The Chao slipping on its butt, while it’s not used in Chao Adventure, it IS used in Sonic Adventure if you decide to look at your VMU while playing.

Run and Power Chao are swapped in the minigame, that’s why Power is on the left, and Run is on the right.

I’m so happy to have completed this, and so happy to be finally back into posting stuff actually so meaningful to me!

<View on Ultima’s DeviantArt page>

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