The only way to see your Chao’s stats for Sonic Adventure on the Sega Dreamcast is by viewing them within Chao Adventure on your VMU! This was a big problem for players with not enough free space on their VMU for Chao Adventure, and also for players who didn’t have any CR2032 batteries to power it!

Viewing stats isn’t the only reason you would want to put your Chao inside your VMU - Chao Adventure is also the best tool to raise your Chao’s stats! Since Chao age so quickly in the Chao Garden, its stats won’t be very high by the end of its lifespan just from giving it small animals. Chao do not age while playing Chao Adventure, so there is no rush to raise your Chao’s skills. The fruit matching game gives you the ability to win fruit for your Chao which can quickly power it up with no time loss!


The first page of the status screen will show you your Chao’s name (if it has one), its mood, its current HP / max HP (health points), and if you have a Chao Egg stored.

Keep a close eye on your Chao’s HP, for if it drops to zero, your Chao will be sent to the beginning of the area!

You Chao’s mood will be one of HAPPY, NORMAL, or LIVELY.
When HAPPY, your Chao will be happy!
When NORMAL, your Chao is neutral.
LIVELY means your Chao isn’t in a good mood.

You can move to the next page by pressing the A button, where you will see the value of your Chao’s four main skills: SWM, FLY, RUN, PWR (Swim, Fly, Running, and Power respectively).

Stat Importance

As mentoned, the HP stat is your Chao’s health. You will lose HP when you take hits from Bully Chao, and gain HP from most of the fruits obainable. If your Chao’s HP reaches zero, it will not die as if it were in the main Chao Garden, but instead you will be sent to the beginning of the current area.

Your Chao also uses its four main skills to travel along its adventure - Swim, Fly, Run, and Power. Maps will have your Chao walking (RUN stat), swimming (SWM stat), flying (FLY stat) or climbing (PWR stat). For every 20 points in the relative skill, it will travel 0.1m faster for whichever stat being used for a given map.

When battling, each 200 Stat points in power gives your Chao an additional “point” on it’s punching bar to land a successful punch.

Your Chao’s current traveling stat also helps with dodging attacks. TODO ULTIMA

Chao Adventure Guide

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