Casinopolis Pinball Guide

Another non-Chao related guide by UltimaNumber, which was detailed enough for me to want to add it to Chao Island! His words below…

Recently I’ve been working on getting all Emerald Shard locations in every stage. I have not found any sort of guide out there that lists every possible location, and even if there were, they only cover 90% of a single stage. I’ve been working on a collection of pictures showing where every single Emerald Shard is.

I’ve taken the screenshots carefully, making sure the radar is red so we know for sure that’s where the shard is! In some cases, we might need to distance ourselves from the Shards since two places might look the same or it would be impossible to tell up close!

Also, here’s what I’ve found about the Emeralds:

  • Certain Emerald Shards at certain places can only be a certain index. For example, the Shard in the Lion’s Mouth in Casinopolis can only be the 3rd Emerald Shard, as can the Shard in the Gold Sonic Statue. This means two Shards can’t be in both places.
  • All indexes don’t appear to have the same number of random spots. In Casinopolis, the 1st Shard can be in 1 of 5 spots. The 2nd can appear in 1 of 5 spots as well. But the 3rd can only appear in 1 of 3 places, making the 3rd Emerald Shard easy to track down.
  • Every indexed Emerald has a bit of a gimmick. The first can always be just about anywhere. The second is always inside and enemy or is underground. The third can only appear in 3 places and these places are rather special, or inside an isolated room. Sky Deck reverses the first and third.

This has been done in the Dreamcast Version. If there are any DX exclusives, or Dreamcast exclusives, feel free to let me know!

Emerald Location Guide

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