PSO Tails Chao Guide

Phantasy Star Online is an online action RPG series, developed by Sonic Team. Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II, and its special edition Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II Plus are part of this series and are GameCube games. They both feature a secret downloadable Tiny Chao Garden, which can be unlocked by following certain steps. Most importantly, the Tiny Chao Garden includes the widely sought-after Tails Chao — the Phantasy Star Online games are the only way to get this otherwise unobtainable Chao, apart from hacking.

This page will explain how to find the secret Tiny Chao Garden. However, it will not explain the basics of Phantasy Star Online or how to complete quests. You should already own the game and should be familiar with how to play it.

The Fake in Yellow

The Tiny Chao Garden is hidden in a quest called “The Fake in Yellow”. This quest is available in offline mode only. You will need to have completed the first three quests: Battle Training, Claiming a Stake, and Magnitude of Metal. If you have already completed The Fake in Yellow, then you will need to finish every single quest or try on another difficulty setting. Go to the Hunter’s Guild to start the quest when you’re ready.

Your objective in the quest is to find Dr Guls, a missing biologist who is obsessed with Ragol’s native life. It’s fairly straightforward: just progress through the Forest area, killing the hostile creatures and talking to the friendly Rag Rappy that you see. Eventually, you will find Dr Guls and he will agree to return home. A telepipe back to Pioneer 2 will appear.

Enter the telepipe and return to the Hunter’s Guild. Speak to the client to complete the quest, and he will tell you to collect your Meseta from the counter. Do NOT do this! If you do, the quest will end and you will not be able to do the following steps; you would instead have to complete every other quest to be able to try again! Instead of going to the counter, return to the telepipe area of Pioneer 2 by the bank, and take the telepipe back down to the surface of Ragol.

When you materialise in the Forest area, you will find that Dr Guls has been replaced with three friendly Rag Rappies. You will notice that all three Rag Rappies are facing the same direction, looking out towards the waterfalls. Walk in this direction, destroying any item boxes if necessary. A Chao will suddenly appear and talk to you!

A song called “Vamos a Carnival” from the game Samba de Amigo will play, as the Chao explains that it was hiding and waiting to see how long it would take somebody to find it. It seems you have surpassed its expectations and broken the record! The Chao will reward you with a key item called “Tiny Chao’s Garden”. Now return to Pioneer 2, either with a telepipe of your own, or through the main teleporter at the start of the Forest area.

There will now be a Game Boy Advance Machine sitting outside of the Hunter’s Guild. Activate this machine, and you will be presented with instructions explaining how to use it. Just connect your Game Boy Advance to the GameCube, and follow the instructions to download the Tiny Chao Garden to your Game Boy Advance.

You are now done! You should have a golden Chao called “TAILS” in your Tiny Chao Garden. At this point, you can either just play with the Chao, or transfer it over to Sonic Adventure DX or Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. If you don’t transfer it, then you will lose the Tails Chao and the Tiny Chao Garden when you switch off your Game Boy Advance. If you do choose to transfer it over to those games, then you will see the Tails Chao in its full glory. This is an extremely rare Chao, and it can only be legitimately obtained through Phantasy Star Online. Congratulations!

PSO Tails Chao Guide

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