Sega Superstars

Sega Superstars is a game for the PlayStation 2 EyeToy. It includes a 3D variation of the Tiny Chao Garden. You can use different movements to hatch your egg, pet your Chao, and shake trees. You can also purchase items using rings collected in the main game modes. A special thanks to Crash32 for providing all of this information, including the pictures on this page.


When you first enter the Tiny Chao Garden, you will see an egg sitting on the grass. You can hatch the egg by rubbing it. After rubbing it enough, the egg will crack open and a Chao will emerge! Once your Chao has hatched from its egg, it will start roaming around freely. You can pet your Chao by rubbing it in the same way as when you hatched it.

While in the Tiny Chao Garden, you will see three buttons at the top of the screen. The first button, which is orange, leads you to the Black Market; you can buy many interesting items from there. The second button, which is blue, takes you to where your Chao is. The third button, which is green, allows you to exit the Tiny Chao Garden. There are also arrow buttons on the sides of the screen, which move the camera left and right. To use any of the buttons, simply wave your hands over it.

Black Market

You will see that there are many items for sale at the Black Market, but you can only buy them if you have collected enough rings from the main game. To browse the available items, hold your hand over one of the arrows on the left and right sides of the screen.

If you have enough rings and want to purchase an item, then you should wave your hands over that item to buy it. After purchasing it, it will automatically appear in the Tiny Chao Garden.

Item NamePrice
Star Fruit500 Rings
Cake900 Rings
Tree10,000 Rings
Trumpet5,000 Rings
Drum15,000 Rings
Jack-in-a-box30,000 Rings
Radio60,000 Rings
TV100,000 Rings

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Sega Superstars

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