Chao Bounce

This game is included with only one Tiny Chao Garden: the one that comes with Sonic Advance 2. It can be accessed by clicking the white GBA at the top of the screen. In this game, Cream the Rabbit and Cheese the Chao team up. Cream uses a spring on wheels to bounce Cheese up into the air, in order to collect rings which fly across the sky.

You can move Cream (and the spring) on the ground by using the Left and Right buttons. When you’re ready to begin, press the A button to bounce Cheese up into the air for the first time. If you take too long, Cheese will automatically bounce up into the air, so pay attention! You cannot control Cheese while she is in the air, but you will earn any rings that she touches.

As Cheese falls back to the ground, you need to catch her by placing the spring underneath her. If you do this, she will automatically bounce back up into the air again, allowing you to collect more rings. You can also catch Cheese on Cream’s head, which will cause Cheese to bounce up a shorter distance. If you fail to catch Cheese, then she will be hurt, and the life counter on the right of the screen will decrease by 1. If you fail to catch Cheese three times, then the game will end.

If you manage to collect all of the rings, then you will clear the level and move on to the next. There are four levels in total, and the rings are placed higher in the sky each time. You will need to bounce Cheese higher and higher to reach those rings. You can do this by pressing the A button with the right timing while Cheese is bouncing on the spring! It can take practice to learn the precise timing, but you should press the button when Cheese pushes the spring to the lowest position.

The third and fourth levels also have floating balloons which fly along underneath the rings. These balloons will bounce Cheese at an angle. These can help you or hinder you. If Cheese hits the side of a balloon at a great speed, she will be bounced quickly in the opposite direction. This can make it very difficult to catch her, so be careful!

The game ends when you have used up all of your three lives, or when you have successfully collected every ring in all four levels. No matter how you end the game, you will be returned to the Tiny Chao Garden with any rings that you managed to collect.

Tiny Chao Garden

Coco the Mascot Chao