Chao Memory

This game is included with every Tiny Chao Garden, and can be accessed by clicking the purple GBA at the top of the screen. It is a simple card matching game, and you may already be familiar with the basic workings of it. In short, you need to remember the cards and then try to flip over as many matching pairs as you can.

When you first start the mini-game, you will be presented with 14 face-up cards, made up of 7 pairs of different food items: an apple, banana, cake, lime, lollipop, orange, and a sweet. The cards will only be shown for a brief moment; use this opportunity to memorise as many of them as you can!

The cards will quickly flip over, preventing you from seeing which is which. Your Chao will then come along and walk in a random path over the cards. Most of the time, the Chao will push some of the cards as it passes over them, changing their positions. This happens if there is a blank space on the other side of the card. In any case, you should watch carefully and take note of which cards have been moved!

There is a useful trick that you can use while your Chao is navigating over the cards. If you press the A button, your Chao will trip over and fall! This will do nothing special unless your Chao is in the middle of pushing a card. If it is pushing a card, then it will flip over that card while tripping, and you will get a quick glance at the other side! You can only this trick once per game.

Once your Chao has finished walking over the cards, you will regain control of the cursor. The goal of the game is to flip over matching pairs of cards. If you flip over two cards and they show the same food item, then you will earn rings depending on where the cards are located: cards on the outer, blue area will give you 1 ring; cards on the middle, pink area will give you 3 rings; and cards on the inner, red area will give you 5 rings. The matching cards will stay face-up, and you will be able to continue flipping over more pairs of cards.

If you flip over two cards and they don’t match, then you have a mistake! This is why you must remember as many of the cards as you can. When you make a mistake, the cards will flip back over and you will use up one of your three chances, as displayed in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

The game ends when you have used up all of your three mistake chances, or when you have successfully flipped over every card pair. If you managed to flip over all the cards, then you will be awarded bonus rings depending on how many mistakes you made: two mistakes will give you 10 bonus rings; one mistake will give you 30 bonus rings; and no mistakes will give you 60 bonus rings! No matter how you end the game, you will be returned to the Tiny Chao Garden with any rings that you managed to earn.

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