When flowers start to bloom around the Chao, it is ready for breeding. If you put it with other Chao, you may get lucky and it may lay an egg.

Once your Chao is an adult, it can mate with other adult Chao to produce a new egg. However, adult Chao can only mate when they are ready. In order to mate, the adult Chao must be in its mating season.

On the Dreamcast games, there is an additional method where you can mate adult chao at any time by connecting 2 VMU’s together using the Chao Adventure mini-games!

Please note that Chaos Chao can never mate. This is because they are immortal, and have no need to reproduce. For this reason, you should think very carefully before creating a Chaos Chao; only do so if you are sure you won’t want to breed it in the future.

Garden Breeding

The natural mating season occurs a few hours after the Chao evolves. You will be able to tell when your Chao is in its mating season, as it will sit down on the ground with a heart over it’s head and a ring of beautiful flowers will bloom around it. This means that it is ready and willing to mate.

If you do not want to wait for your Chao’s natural mating season, then you can use a special fertility fruit instead. For Sonic Adventure 1 on the Dreamcast, this is the Lifenut. On all other games it is the Heart Fruit. To obtain fertility fruit in both games on the Dreamcast, you will need to play the VMU mini-game Chao Adventure. For all other non-dreamcast games you can obtain the Heart Fruit from the Black Market. If you feed this completely to your Chao, the last bite will immediately trigger your Chao’s mating season! Using this fruit, you can breed your Chao as many times as you want, whenever you want.

As you’d expect, breeding requires two Chao to mate. At least one of the Chao must be in its mating season, with flowers blooming around it. The other one must at least be close to a mating season; if it isn’t in the mood, then it will refuse to mate with the other Chao. If both Chao are in their mating seasons, then they will definitely be willing to mate. The easiest way to mate two Chao is to just feed them both a Fertility Fruit.


It doesn’t matter whether your Chao is aligned Hero, Dark, or Neutral - there are no restrictions with them mating with different alignments!

It is possible for Chao to breed together on their own if you wait long enough. However, if you have a specific pairing in mind you would likely want to control the interaction. To specifically breed two Chao together, just pick one of them up and place it next to the other. If only one of the Chao has flowers blooming around it, then you must pick the other one up and place it in the ring of flowers. If both Chao are willing, they will then mate.

A small ritual takes place when two Chao mate. Special music will play, and the two Chao will nuzzle each other and dance around on the flowers. After a few seconds, a brand new egg will appear between the two Chao. Congratulations! After creating a new egg, the two Chao will lose any interest in mating further. If you want to breed them again, then you will need to use Heart Fruits, or wait a very long time for another natural mating season.

The Child

The new egg will contain a new Chao, the offspring of the two parents. It will have a combination of traits from both of its parents. To read about this in more depth, please read the wiki page on Chao breeding.

VMU Breeding [Dreamcast]

By having two Chao in separate VMU’s, you can connect the VMU’s together and mate the Chao! Both VMU’s will receive an egg and will be stored in your VMU until you decide to take it out into your garden! The Chao you have mated with will have its details stored in the “Friend” section of the mini game. The VMU can only hold a maximum of one Chao and one egg.

VMU breeding is superior to garden breeding in this game. When you mate via VMU the resulting egg will hatch a Chao that has traits of both parent Chao. It will start with about 10% of the stats of the parents averaged together, and around 50% of their HP (unconfirmed). Both VMU’s will receive an egg!

Sonic Adventure 1

In Sonic Adventure 1 you can gain access to some very special Chao via VMU breeding - the Gold, Silver and Black Chao can be bred together for a special chance at a brand new colour. The combinations of what you will receive in your Chao egg are below:

Normal + NormalBoth VMU’s receive a Normal Chao
Normal + SilverYou will receive a Normal or Silver Chao
Normal + GoldYou will receive a Normal or Gold Chao
Normal + BlackYou will receive a Normal or Black Chao
Silver + GoldYou will receive a Normal, Silver or Gold Chao
Silver + BlackYou will receive a Normal, Silver, Gold or Onyx Chao
Gold + BlackYou will receive a Normal, Silver, Gold or Bronze Chao

The Onyx Chao will be inside a Silver Egg, and the Bronze Chao will be inside a Gold Egg.

Sonic Adventure 2

In Sonic Adventure 2, the Egg will always be Normal coloured, regardless of if there is a Jewel Chao inside it. There to not appear to be any special Chao colours when breeding Jewel Chao in this game (only limited testing has been performed).

Chao Breeding

Coco the Mascot Chao