You will see that your Chao has a small ball hovering over it’s head. This is commonly called it’s emote ball. To show how your Chao is feeling, the emote ball changes into a symbol. The different emote ball symbols mean different things, and combine with the Chao’s facial expression to show exactly how it is feeling. These different expressions you can see are explained below.


Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast does not have Hero or Dark Chao! So no Halo or Spiked ball!


If your Chao simply has a dot, halo or a spiked ball floating above its head, then it is in it’s normal state and is probably not thinking of anything in particular.


If your Chao has a large heart floating above it’s head, then it is very happy. You might have done something really nice to it, such as feeding it, petting it or picking it up, or it may just be doing something it enjoys doing!


If your Chao has a large question mark above its head, then it is thinking about what to do.

Excited / Surprised

If your Chao has a large exclamation mark above its head, then it means it is excited or surprised about something.

Angry / Upset

If your Chao has a large tornado swirl above its head, then it means it is very angry or upset about something. It could also mean that your Chao is tired, which is most commonly caused by waking it up while it is sleeping. It also has this expression when it trips over.


A Chao that is laying down with its eyes closed is asleep. Try not to wake it up, as it will make your Chao upset and tired. It is important to note that Chao sometimes sleep sitting up; be careful not to mistake it for an awake Chao.

Chao Expressions

Coco the Mascot Chao