Black Market

The Black Market is a shady place located in the corner of the Chao Kindergarten where you can buy items for your Chao, or other things for your game. You buy them with rings that you collect from playing the main game. Every time you play the game, the rings you collect on stages will be added to your ring total for you to spend.

Dreamcast Version

Originally the Black Market was only accessible online via the in-game web-browser! From here you could download rare Chao provided you had earned enough Emblems in your main game. This was verified by uploading your save file to the webpage. Below are the full list Chao that were available until the closure of the online services, along with the accompanying text that was displayed.

Black ChaoBlack ChaoFreeThis Chao’s color is black by nature. It may become a Hero Chao with a black color…?
Silver ChaoSilver Chao5 EmblemsThis Chao shines silver. It seems like a metal, but the touch feels like pudding or marshmallow :)
Gold ChaoGold Chao10 EmblemsThis Chao shines golden. We recommend this Chao to the breeders who like a showy appearance.
Ruby ChaoRuby Chao20 EmblemsThis Chao shines crimson like a ruby. It will be prominent at the garden !
Sapphire ChaoSapphire Chao20 EmblemsThis Chao shines blue like a sapphire. It looks so cool !
Amethyst ChaoAmethyst Chao20 EmblemsThis Chao shines purple like an amethyst. It’s a mystic Chao.
Emerald ChaoEmerald Chao20 EmblemsThis Chao shines green like an emerald. It’s glaring green !!
Moon ChaoMoon Chao30 EmblemsA very rare Chao has appeared ! It shines like a romantic moon.

Modern Versions

In all other version of the game, the Black Market became an independent room accessible without the need of the internet. Chao items and other products are made available in exchange for Rings that you collect from the main game. The Black Market will display items at random, but will increase the variety of items as you collect more Emblems in the single player game.

While playing, you may notice that certain eggs never appear no matter how much you wait or how many emblems you collect. This is because when your Chao save-game is created there will be three colours (plus the shiny version) that will never appear!

There are three “sets” of Chao eggs. Each containing 3 colours and their shiny versions.

  • Set 1 is Red, Sky Blue, Brown
  • Set 2 is Yellow, Pink, Purple
  • Set 3 is Blue, Orange, Green

The Black Market will always sell two of these sets, and will never sell the one left out. This is randomly selected for every Chao File.

*An important thing to note, is if one of of thes sets is seen in the Black Market - the next set colours will only start appearing after you have obtained at least 100 emblems.


On the PC version of Sonic Adventure 2, there is a bug where only Set 1 and Set 3 will be sold in the Black Market because its random selection doesn’t work properly. That means the Yellow, Pink, and Purple eggs will never appear!


ImageEggCostRequired emblemsDescriptionSell-back price
Regular EggEggN/AN/AEgg50
White EggWhite Egg4005Typical rare egg100
Red EggRed Egg50010 (or 100*)Typical rare egg120
Yellow EggYellow Egg50010 (or 100*)Typical rare egg120
Blue EggBlue Egg50010 (or 100*)Typical rare egg120
Sky Blue EggSky Blue Egg60015 (or 110*)Typical rare egg150
Pink EggPink Egg60015 (or 110*)Typical rare egg150
Orange EggOrange Egg60015 (or 110*)Typical rare egg150
Brown EggBrown Egg80020 (or 120*)Typical rare egg200
Purple EggPurple Egg60020 (or 120*)Typical rare egg200
Green EggGreen Egg80020 (or 120*)Typical rare egg200
Grey EggGrey Egg100030Typical rare egg250
Lime Green EggLime Green Egg150090Typical rare egg400
Black EggBlack Egg2000130Typical rare egg500
Shiny Regular EggShiny EggN/AN/AShiny Eggshell500
Shiny White EggShiny White Egg400040Moderate rare egg1000
Shiny Red EggShiny Red Egg500050 (or 150*)Moderate rare egg1200
Shiny Yellow EggShiny Yellow Egg500050 (or 150*)Moderate rare egg1200
Shiny Blue EggShiny Blue Egg500050 (or 150*)Moderate rare egg1200
Shiny Sky Blue EggShiny Sky Blue Egg600060 (or 160*)Moderate rare egg1500
Shiny Pink EggShiny Pink Egg600060 (or 160*)Moderate rare egg1500
Shiny Orange EggShiny Orange Egg600060 (or 160*)Moderate rare egg1500
Shiny Brown EggShiny Brown Egg800070 (or 170*)Moderate rare egg2000
Shiny Purple  EggShiny Purple Egg800070 (or 170*)Moderate rare egg2000
Shiny Green EggShiny Green Egg800070 (or 170*)Moderate rare egg2000
Shiny Grey EggShiny Grey Egg1000080Moderate rare egg2500
Shiny Lime Green EggShiny Lime Green Egg15000140Moderate rare egg4000
Shiny Black EggShiny Black Egg20000180Moderate rare egg5000


ImageHatCostRequired emblemsDescriptionSell-back price
AppleApple20007Huge apple!500
Cardboard Box Cardboard Box200017Moving cardboard box500
PanPan200027Worn out pan500
Paper BagPaper Bag400037Grocery store paper bags1000
Empty CanEmpty Can400047Empty fruit can1000
Stump Stump400057Big tree stump1000
Flower PotFlower Pot600067Big flower pot1500
BucketBucket600077Worn out bucket1500
WatermelonWatermelon600087Big, round watermelon1500
Red Wool Beanie HatRed Wool Beanie Hat800097Warm and striped2000
Blue Wool Beanie HatBlue Wool Beanie Hat10000107Warm and striped2500
Black and White Wool Beanie HatBlack and White Wool Beanie Hat20000117Warm and striped5000


There are no emblem restrictions for fruit. Two of the Shaped Fruit will be for sale, with the third being left out of stock. There is also a chance the mushroom will be an alternate mushroom that gives more stats.

ImageFruitCostDescriptionSell-back price
Round FruitRound Fruit80Round and delicious fruit10
Square FruitSquare Fruit80Square and delicious fruit10
Triangle FruitTriangle Fruit80Triangular and delicious fruit10
Hero FruitHero Fruit120Hero trait fruit40
Dark FruitDark Fruit120Dark trait fruit40
Chao FruitChao Fruit200Skills fruit50
Heart FruitHeart Fruit300Egg-fertility fruit80
MushroomMushroom300A nutritious mushroom50
SADX Garden FruitSADX Neutral Garden FruitN/AN/A10
SA2 Neutral Garden FruitSA2 Neutral Garden FruitN/AN/A10
SA2 Hero Garden FruitSA2 Hero Garden FruitN/AN/A10
SA2 Dark Garden FruitSA2 Dark Garden FruitN/AN/A10
Tasty FruitTasty FruitN/AN/A10
Strong FruitStrong FruitN/AN/A10


There are no emblem restrictions for seeds. Two of the Shaped Seeds will be for sale, with the third being left out of stock. Strong Seed will always appear.

ImageSeedCostDescriptionSell-back price
Tasty SeedTasty Seed200This is a regular tree seed50
Round SeedRound Seed300Grows a tree with round fruits80
Square SeedSquare Seed300Grows a tree with square fruits80
Triangle SeedTriangle Seed300Grows a tree with triangle fruits80
Dark Seed Dark Seed400Grows a tree with dark fruits100
Hero SeedHero Seed400Grows a tree with hero fruits100
Strong SeedStrong Seed500This is a long life tree seed150


Note, for the Steam SA2 game, you need the Battle DLC for these themes to appear.

Omochao ThemeOmochao Theme10000Omochao menu voice100 Emblems
Amy ThemeAmy Theme20000Amy menu voice140 Emblems (For Gamecube, you also need 2 Chao Race emblems [unconfirmed])
Maria ThemeMaria Theme30000Maria menu voiceAll 180 Emblems (For Gamecube, you also have to link Sonic Advance 1 or 2)

Black Market

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