Chao Kindergarten

The Kindergarten is the school for your Chao. In here, you can see the Chao Principal, visit the Chao Doctor, or leave your Chao in class to learn some lessons. All versions of the game that came after the Dreamcast added a further two more rooms to the Kindergarten; The Fortune-Telling House and the Black Market.

You can access the Chao Kindergarten from the Chao Lobby, through the door opposite the regular Chao Garden; this door will only appear once you have hatched a Chao. Depending on what you want to do, you may also wish to bring one of your Chao with you. To take your Chao to the Chao Kindergarten, simply pick your Chao up and walk through the Kindergarten door.

There are many different rooms inside the Kindergarten, each with a different purpose.

Health Center

If you bring a Chao to the doctor, he will take a look at it for you. He can tell you the strengths and weaknesses of your Chao, and explain how it is feeling. If your Chao gets sick, take it to the doctor!

The Chao Doctor will examine your Chao. He will tell you some strengths/weaknesses of your Chao and will explain how it is feeling. An important thing about the Chao Doctor is that he will heal your Chao if it is not feeling well! If your Chao is coughing or groaning, it could mean that it is ill or has a stomach ache. Take the Chao to the Chao Doctor and he will give your Chao a pill to take, making it feel much better!

In the modern games, the Chao Doctor will also show you the grades of your stats which is very important to know!

A dangerous glitch exists on the Dreamcast version of the game. Taking your Chao to the Chao Doctor after it has reincarnated can result in the game freezing/data being deleted, so be careful! This is explained more here.


If you bring a Chao to the classroom, you can drop it off for a lesson. The classroom can teach different lessons to your Chao such as dancing or playing instruments.

At the classroom, you can leave up to four of your Chao here to learn whatever lesson is being taught. Remember, you cannot pick up your Chao unless it has finished its class. Once your Chao has finished its lesson, you can take it back to its Garden and it will sometimes perform what it has learnt! If your Chao has already learnt a lesson that is being taught in the classroom, it can learn that lesson again (up to three times). After three times, it will perfect that lesson and will not need to learn it anymore.

Principal’s Room

The Kindergarten Principal knows a lot about Chao! If you visit him, he can explain a lot of the basics to you. However, he can’t tell you everything; that’s what this website is for!

Fortune-Telling House

The strange Chao at the fortune-telling house will help you to name your Chao. Using her mystical powers, she will decide on a special, lucky name for your Chao. You can choose to accept the name, ask for a new one, or name it yourself.

Bulletin Board

This is just a board placed in the Kindergarten lobby, and not an actual room.

Black Market

The Black Market is a shady corner of the Kindergarten where you can buy and sell items, such as eggs, fruits, seeds, and hats.

Chao Kindergarten

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