Chao Transporter

The Chao Transporter is a device located in every Chao Garden. Each version of the game has its own Chao Transporter model. For the Dreamcast, it is in the shape of a Visual Memory Unit. The Gamecube games use the model of a Game Boy Advance, and all other games use a generic Chao shaped machine.

Depending on the game you are playing, the device allows you to move Chao between memory cards, transfer Chao back and forth between a VMU/Game Boy Advance, give your Chao a name and even get rid of a Chao forever.

Since the Chao Transporter removed the ability to transfer Chao in the more recent games, its name was changed in SADX and SA2 to the “Chao Name Machine” and “Chao Departure Machine” respectively.

PC Games

In the PC games you cannot transport Chao. Because of this, the machine has been changed to be used for other features you may need. in SADX you can use the new “Chao Name Machine” to name your chao, or delete it (referred to as saying “good-bye” to it). In SA2, because you can name your Chao at the Fortune Teller, the machine will only be for deleting Chao (and therefore named the “Chao Departure Machine”).

Gamcube Games

The Chao Transporter on the Gamecube is a giant Gameboy Advance, which can be used to transport your Chao to the Tiny Chao Garden.

Tiny Chao Garden

The Tiny Chao Garden is a simple two-dimensional Chao Garden that you can play with on the Game Boy Advance. It also includes rare eggs and fruits. It is included in Sonic Advance, Sonic Advance 2, and Sonic Pinball Party. If you don’t have any of those games, then don’t worry: you can download the Tiny Chao Garden straight to your Game Boy Advance. See the Tiny Chao Garden section for more information.

The Chao Transporter contains two functions related to the Tiny Chao Garden. You will obviously need a Game Boy Advance to use these functions. You will also need a GameCube to GBA link cable; this is different from an ordinary GBA to GBA link cable. Connect one end of the link cable to your Game Boy Advance, and the other to one of the controller ports on your GameCube. You should make sure that your Game Boy Advance is turned on, and that you have the Tiny Chao Garden open if you are using Sonic Advance, Sonic Advance 2, or Sonic Pinball Party. You will then be able to “Drop off” or “Pick up” Chao.

Dreamcast Games

The Dreamcast Chao Transporter uses giant Visual Memory Unit (VMU) models with a big red button. This is used to transport your Chao into your VMU to play Chao Adventure!

The Visual Memory Unit

One of the most unique features of Sonic Adventure and the Dreamcast console itself was the ability to interact with the portable memory card - the Visual Memory Unit (VMU). This little device had a screen, d-pad and two buttons, allowing the user to download and play mini games portably away from the console!

The Sega Dreamcast Console The Visual Memory Unit

Chao Adventure

Chao Adventure is an independent mini game that you can play on your Visual Memory Unit (VMU) in Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast. The sequel, Sonic Adventure 2 had an updated version of this VMU-only game called Chao Adventure 2. Once you’ve placed the Chao in the VMU via the Chao Transporter, it’s time to start them on their quest! We have an in-depth guide for Chao Adventure and Chao Adventure 2 in the guides section!