Lost Chao

In Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, you may notice that the third stage goal is to “Find the Lost Chao” in the level. A Chao has managed to become lost in the stage, and is now sad, worried and alone. You need to search through the stage to find this lost Chao who will be delighted to see you! Finding this Chao can be tricky, and without some knowledge, you may end up searching the level over and over and have no idea what you are actually trying to achieve!

Ancient Ruins

To find the Lost Chao, you will need to find the Ancient Ruins somewhere in the stage. Once you find this you can activate it using the Mystic Melody ability and a new route will open up which will lead to the Lost Chao!


The faster you find the Lost Chao, the better your ranking for that stage will be. We have a full list of times needed for A Ranks at the Lost Chao Guide!


When you rescue the Lost Chao, it does not get added to your Chao Garden. It simply returns home to wherever it came from!

Lost Chao

Coco the Mascot Chao