Animal Locations [SA1]

You can find animals for your Chao within the different levels. This page will list all the animals are found in which levels. You can find these animals inside the robots created by Dr. Eggman, and the metal capsule with the large plunger found at the end of some levels. You can only hold up to ten animals at a time, which you can see displayed at the bottom of the screen.

There will be all the animals from a specified type within certain stages, and then one animal from a secondary group, and another from the blue (random) group. The animals from the blue group appear less often than the other animals. The animals in each level stay the same regardless of which character you use!

Level List

Emerald CoastSeal Penguin Otter Rabbit Koala Bear
Windy ValleyPeacock Parrot Swallow Seal Mole
CasinopolisPeacock Parrot Swallow Rabbit Koala Bear
IcecapSeal Penguin Otter Gorilla Mole
Twinkle ParkRabbit Kangaroo Deer Elephant Koala Bear
Speed HighwayRabbit Kangaroo Deer Swallow Koala Bear
Red MountainLion Elephant Gorilla Parrot Mole
Sky DeckPeacock Parrot Swallow Lion Skunk
Lost WorldLion Elephant Gorilla Penguin Mole
Final EggRabbit Kangaroo Deer Gorilla Mole
Hot ShelterSeal Penguin Otter Deer Skunk

SA1 Animal Locations

Coco the Mascot Chao