Animals [SA1]

“If you give a Chao a small animal, the Chao changes. Try experimenting using different animals.”

There are five groups of animals, and each group has three animals. You can give animals to your Chao to make it stronger and to give it different personalities and looks. When you give a Chao an animal, it will embrace it, and attain its appearance, abilities, and behaviour. The animal will disappear shortly after you give it to a Chao.

The animals are found inside the enemies in each level. Simply destroy an enemy to release the animal within, and then walk into it to pick it up. You can only carry up to ten animals at a time. When you enter the Chao Garden, all the animals currently collected by that character will leave you and run around the garden! The animals will sparkle if you have not given them to your Chao yet. Once you give them to your Chao, the sparkle will disappear and the animal will vanish from the garden after a while. The animals will stay in the garden even when you leave, except for on the Dreamcast where all items left in the garden disappear for good!

The four common animal colours — yellow, purple, green, and red — all raise the primary stats: Swim, Fly, Run, and Power, respectively. They also influence the Chao to evolve into the corresponding type.

The fifth colour — blue — influences the Chao to evolve into a random type.


On the modern games, all animals raise the Chao’s Luck and Intelligence slightly (20% of it’s hidden level up bar). The Dreamcast version of Sonic Adventure 1 does not have Luck or Intelligence stats at all.


StatNameNameSwimFlyRunPowerLearnt Behaviour
SwimOtterOtter+2.0000Chao performs the backstroke when swimming
SwimPenguinPenguin+1.6+0.400Chao will nuzzle its head against the character
SwimSealSeal+1.60+0.40Chao does the shake dance
FlyParrotParrot0+1.60+0.4Chao sings to itself
FlyPeacockPeacock0+1.2+0.80Chao lays down and poses
FlySwallowSwallow0+2.000Chao does the spin dance
RunDeerDeer00+2.00Chao bows
RunKangarooKangaroo00+1.2+0.8Chao performs karate
RunRabbitRabbit0+0.8+1.20Chao does somersaults
PowerElephantElephant+0.400+1.6Chao attempts sumo wrestling
PowerLionLion00+0.4+1.6Chao scratches its face
PowerGorillaGorilla000+2.0Chao beats a drum
RandomKoala BearKoala Bear+10to arandomstatChao plays the trumpet
RandomMoleMole+10to arandomstatChao tries to dig the ground
RandomSkunkSkunk+10to arandomstatChao draws a picture on the ground


A lot of the animal traits are different to the Dreamcast because they share traits with the modern Sonic Adventure 2 / Battle. The percentages shown are the percent of the level-up bar raised.

StatNameNameSwimFlyRunPowerLearnt Behaviour
SwimOtterOtter+44%-4%+8%-16%Chao performs the backstroke when swimming
SwimPenguinPenguin+36%+12%+8%-24%Chao slides on its belly
SwimSealSeal+40%-16%0+8%Chao rolls around
FlyParrotParrot0+48%-20%+4%Chao sings
FlyPeacockPeacock+12%+48%-16%-12%Chao lies down and poses
FlySwallowSwallow+20%+60%-24%+16%Chao does backwards somersaults
RunDeerDeer-4%-12%+32%+16%Chao draws a picture on the ground
RunKangarooKangaroo-8%-8%+40%+8%Chao does the step dance
RunRabbitRabbit0+8%+40%-16%Chao hops about
PowerElephantElephant-8%-16%+20%+36%Chao does sit-ups
PowerLionLion+8%-16%+4%+36%Chao breakdances
PowerGorillaGorilla-4%-8%+4%+40%Chao beats on its chest
RandomKoala BearKoala Bear+20%+16%+4%+8%Allows hats to be worn
RandomMoleMole+8%+8%+16%+16%Chao performs forward rolls
RandomSkunkSkunk+8%+12%+16%+12%Chao farts


When given a Skunk (DC) or Deer (Modern), your Chao will sometimes draw a picture on the ground! Your Chao can draw a Chao or any Character it has a close bond with (Bond over 50).

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