Animal Locations [SA2]

You can find animals for your Chao hidden across the different levels. This page will list all the animals are found in which levels. You can find these animals inside the robots created by Dr. Eggman, roaming around the level, and also hidden in boxes, cages and pipes. You can only hold up to ten animals at a time, which you can see displayed at the bottom of the screen.


Here you can see which levels contain which animals. The first four animals can be found within Dr.Eggman enemies, but also in unusual places - cages, hidden inside pipes, or inside the second Chao Container.

In order to destroy cages, you should look for a rocket nearby which you can fire by pressing a button. In order to get an animal out of a pipe, you need to stand next to it and whistle with the action button. You can also find these animals inside the robots created by Dr. Eggman, such as the bomb-throwing monkeys, or the robots that look like E-102 Gamma — please note that the majority of robots found in the game are G.U.N. robots, which contain Chaos Drives instead of small animals.

The fifth animal listed for each level belongs to either the gold or black groups, and is found in the third Chao Container; it can also sometimes be found in very rare locations in the level.

Sonic Levels

LevelCommon animalsSpecial animal
City EscapeRaccoon Rabbit Skunk SheepUnicorn
Metal HarborSeal Penguin Peacock RaccoonPhoenix
Green ForestRabbit Cheetah Parrot RaccoonHalf Fish
Pyramid CaveCondor Peacock Bat SheepSkeleton Dog
Crazy GadgetBear Tiger Seal SkunkPhoenix
Final RushPeacock Condor Penguin SheepDragon
Cannon’s CoreCheetah Parrot Rabbit SkunkDragon
Green HillGorilla Penguin Rabbit RaccoonUnicorn

Knuckles Levels

LevelCommon animalsSpecial animal
Wild CanyonPeacock Condor Cheetah SheepDragon
Pumpkin HillCheetah Boar Bat Skeleton DogHalf Fish
Aquatic MinePenguin Seal Condor SkunkDragon
Death ChamberTiger Gorilla Rabbit SkunkSkeleton Dog
Meteor HerdPenguin Seal Rabbit SheepPhoenix
Cannon’s CoreOtter Seal Cheetah RaccoonUnicorn

Tails Levels

LevelCommon animalsSpecial animal
Prison LaneTiger Gorilla Otter SheepUnicorn
Mission StreetBoar Rabbit Gorilla SheepPhoenix
Hidden BasePenguin Otter Tiger SkunkHalf Fish
Eternal EngineCondor Parrot Boar RaccoonHalf Fish
Cannon’s CoreSeal Condor Bear RaccoonPhoenix

Shadow Levels

LevelCommon animalsSpecial animal
Radical HighwayCheetah Boar Seal RaccoonUnicorn
White JungleParrot Peacock Bear SkunkDragon
Sky RailBear Tiger Condor SheepPhoenix
Final ChaseOtter Penguin Tiger SkunkPhoenix

Rouge Levels

LevelCommon animalsSpecial animal
Dry LagoonOtter Peacock Penguin SheepUnicorn
Egg QuartersGorilla Bear Parrot SkunkHalf Fish
Security HallParrot Tiger Condor RaccoonPhoenix
Mad SpaceParrot Peacock Gorilla RaccoonPhoenix
Cannon’s CoreBear Cheetah Condor SkunkDragon

Eggman Levels

LevelCommon animalsSpecial animal
Iron GateGorilla Tiger Rabbit SkunkDragon
Sand OceanParrot Peacock Bat RaccoonSkeleton Dog
Lost ColonyRabbit Boar Bat RaccoonSkeleton Dog
Weapons BedSeal Otter Cheetah SheepPhoenix
Cosmic WallRabbit Cheetah Otter SheepUnicorn
Cannon’s CoreBear Gorilla Seal SkunkUnicorn

SA2 Animal Locations

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