Chao Karate [SA2]

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle/HD are the only games to offer another way for Chao to compete against each other, called Karate. This means that Chao Karate does not exist in the Dreamcast version. Like races, you can access karate from the Chao Stadium.

Battle System

As you can probably tell from the name, karate involves two Chao going head to head in battle! Your Chao needs to be strong to win the four emblems on offer!

How to Win

Each battle has a 90 second time limit and is fought in a ring. There are three ways to win:

  1. Deplete the opponent’s health bar.
  2. Knock the opponent out of the ring.
  3. Have more health than your opponent when the time runs out.

Obviously, you will lose if the opposite things happen to you. If you happen to run out of time and have the exact same health as your opponent, then the game will be a tie!


As with Chao Races, the majority of the battle is simply up to your Chao. However, you can cheer your Chao on. There is a bar at the bottom of the screen for each Chao, called the Zeal bar. It represents your Chao’s energy or motivation.

The Zeal bar will gradually deplete over the course of the match. It will increase slightly when your Chao lands a hit on the opponent, but will decrease if it misses or gets hit itself. If the bar empties entirely, your Chao will stop fighting and will begin meditating; this makes it an easy target for your opponent! You should rapidly tap the Jump button to cheer on your Chao and increase its Zeal.


Each of the stats has a different function:

Swim“Defence” — Increases your Chao’s defence, lowering the damage that your Chao takes from enemy attacks.
Fly“Stealth” — Increases your Chao’s evasion, making it more likely to dodge enemy attacks.
Run“Speed” — Increases your Chao’s attack speed, meaning it spends more time attacking and less time doing nothing. This is a very useful stat, as a constant flurry of blows prevents your opponent Chao from being able to attack!
Power“Power” — Increases your Chao’s attack power, meaning that your Chao damages the enemy more with each hit, and sends it flying back further. This helps you to win by knocking your opponent out of the ring, as well as depleting its health! Your Chao will also learn new attacks as its Power increases, such as a spinning kick or twisting punch!
Stamina“Health” — Increases your Chao’s health bar. Reduces Zeal lost from missing attacks.
IntelligenceThis decreases the rate that your Zeal depletes over time.
LuckThis increases the amount your Zeal recovers.

Interleague Game

On the Gamecube, the Interleague Game is a multiplayer match between a Chao from Memory Card A and a Chao from Memory Card B. Have one of your friends bring their Memory Card over so you can battle your Chao! On the other versions of the game you can select any two Chao in your garden. You can’t win any emblems, but you will at least gain glory if you win!


The Tournament is the main mode of Chao Karate. At first, there are three difficulty levels available: Beginner, Standard, and Expert. You can enter your Chao in any of those levels, but it is recommended that you start with Beginner.

Each difficulty has five opponents, and you must beat each opponent in order before you can complete that difficulty level. Once you clear a difficulty, you will earn an emblem! If you manage to clear all three difficulty levels, you will unlock the Super difficulty, which also has an emblem as its prize. This means that there are a total of four emblems to earn from Chao Karate.


1ChaoskyA Neutral/Child.
2ChaolinA Neutral/Child.
3ChaokoA Neutral/Child.
4EggieA Neutral/Child with an Egg Shell hat.
4DinnerA Neutral/Child/None with a Pan hat.
5HappyA Neutral/Child, with an Apple hat and Rabbit animal parts.


1LuckyA Dark/Swim with a Paper Bag hat.
2SmokeyA Neutral/Normal with a Pumpkin hat.
2MelodyA Hero/Fly with a Flower Pot hat.
3StormyA Hero/Power with a Red Wool Beanie hat.
4SpookyA Neutral/Run with a Blue Wool Beanie hat.
5StinkyA Dark/Fly, with a Black Wool Beanie hat.


1MagicA Hero/Run.
1ChappyA Dark/Normal with a Cardboard Box hat.
2NinjaA Dark/Fly.
2SkullA Neutral/Fly with a Skull hat.
3TinA Hero/Swim with a Bucket hat.
3WoodyA Neutral/Swim with a Stump hat.
4RainbowA Dark/Power.
5WackyA Neutral/Run. He gets angry when he loses!


1CrunchA Neutral/Run with a Watermelon hat.
2WackyA Neutral/Run with Dragon horns. He gets angry when he loses!
3CrystalA Topaz Hero/Chaos.
4AngelAn Aquamarine Dark/Chaos.
5FlashAn Onyx Neutral/Chaos.


Your Chao will earn a rank based on its performance in Chao Karate. You can view its rank at the Health Center.

Here is a list of all rankings:

10 Kyu: Defeat Chaosky
9 Kyu: Defeat Chaolin
8 Kyu: Defeat Chaoko
7 Kyu: Defeat Eggie/Dinner
6 Kyu: Defeat Happy
5 Kyu: Defeat Lucky
4 Kyu: Defeat Smokey/Melody
3 Kyu: Defeat Stormy
2 Kyu: Defeat Spooky
1 Kyu: Defeat Stinky
1 Degree: Defeat Magic/Chappy
2 Degree: Defeat Ninja/Skull
3 Degree: Defeat Tin/Woody
4 Degree: Defeat Rainbow
5 Degree: Defeat Wacky 1
6 Degree: Defeat Crunch
7 Degree: Defeat Wacky 2
8 Degree: Defeat Crystal
9 Degree: Defeat Angel
Grand Master: Defeat Flash

Chao Karate

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