Colouring Pages

Here you can download official colouring pages! These were originally posted on the official Chao Laboratory website, but they have long since been taken down. However, they have been saved on Chao Island for you all to enjoy!

To download them, just click on the colouring page that you would like, and download the .zip file which appears. Inside this .zip file, you will find a .pdf file which contains the colouring page in a vector format. Open the .pdf file in a program such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, resize it to whatever size you like, and then colour it using whatever method or program you prefer. You could print it off and colour it by hand, or copy it into a graphics program and colour it digitally!

Colouring 01Colouring 02Colouring 03Colouring 04Colouring 05Colouring 06Colouring 07Colouring 08Colouring 09Colouring 10Colouring 11Colouring 12Colouring 13Colouring 18

Coco the Mascot Chao