I love this program! Who made it?
I love it too! The Chao Viewer was made by Justin113D who has also created other beautiful renders for Chao Island.

Why can’t I give my Chao the Half-Fish flame ball?
The Chao Viewer is a fully 3D program, and because of this it is very difficult to render a good looking flame ball accurately.

Someone told me this program has extra features– is this true?
Yes! When you click the Advanced Menu tickbox in the “Options” menu, it will activate three more tabs on the left hand side! Have a play around with the options there to really morph your Chao past the possibilities of what you can achieve in-game!

How do I rotate my Chao?
Just click and hold the Chao and drag! There are also a few “hidden” controls. Press R to reset the chao rotation, and hold CTRL while using the sliders to increment them in smaller steps.

The colours seem slightly different for some Chao, why?
That’s because the Chao Viewer uses its own texture and colour system, for which the colours were chosen to look as close to their in-game counterpart as possible. However, this allows you to also make a custom coloured chao using the custom colour tab!

How do I share my Chao to Twitter?
You will have to screenshot your Chao and post in manually. We may add an interactive “Share to Twitter” or export function in the future. Be sure to use the #ChaoViewer hashtag!

I think there is a problem with the way some evolutions look.
Good spot! Two of the Hero Swim hybrid evolutions have a slight model difference to in-game. We are researching how the game handles these particular evolutions.

I found a bug! What should I do?
Let us know! Justin will make a note of it for a possible Chao Viewer V3!

Will this program be updated?
Depending on the demand, we will look to update the Chao Viewer. If you like the program be sure to let us know on Twitter or the Forums! Rumours are that there is a new version in the works, which is being made from ground up again…

Can I download this?
Please see the Downloads section for PC and Android versions.