Sonic Adventure Chao Gallery (Dreamcast)

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Here is a gallery of all the obtainable evolutions in the Dreamcast original of Sonic Adventure.

Fly Chao
Type Image Description
Fly/Normal Chao A pink chao with soft jester-like curves and green wings. This is the state in which your Fly Chao will emerge from the cocoon.
Fly/Normal/Normal Chao A matured version of the above, the body colour remains the same. The jesters point backwards at a sharp angle.
Fly/Swim Chao The jesters widen and become flatter. The chao's feet are more flipper-like to aid with swimming. The wings become more streamlined.
Fly/Run Chao The jesters curve around like a ram's horns. The body colour lightens to a peachy shade.
Fly/Power Chao The body turns a deep crimson, and the jesters curve up and over, resembling a scorpion's tail.
Fly/Fly Chao Commonly referred to as a NiGHTS chao, due to its design referencing the title character. The jesters grow enormously long and the wingspan increases, turning a beautiful yellow.
Run/Normal Chao The chao emerges as a lime green colour with crimson tips.
Run/Run Chao The chao turns a deep Sonic-blue and the spikes curve downwards. This is a true Sonic chao!