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Black Market (DC)
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The Black Market.
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Black Market
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The Black Market was originally accessible on the Dreamcast using an internet connection. With the servers now down, the Dreamcast versions of the Sonic Adventure games no longer have the Black Markets officially available.

Sonic Adventure

The Black Market for Sonic Adventure was originally only online in Japan; a US version was intended but did not appear to work. The Amethyst Chao was unlocked when you had 100 Emblems. Ruby and Emerald Chao were released on the Black Market for 0 Emblems to celebrate the US and European releases of Sonic Adventure, respectively.[1] This came after their distribution at other Japanese events.[2][3] The Sapphire Chao was released on December 23, 1999 for 0 Emblems to celebrate the first anniversary of Sonic Adventure's release.[4] The US version was going to add a new “NiGHTS” Chao that would have cost 100 emblems. [5]

The below table lists the chao:

Picture VMS file Name Emblems Description
Emerald chao CHAO_EME 0 Emerald Jewel Chao
Ruby chao CHAO_RUB 0 Ruby Jewel Chao
Amethyst chao CHAO_AME 100 Amethyst Jewel Chao
Sapphire chao CHAO_SUF 0 Sapphire Jewel Chao
KNIGHTS KNIGHTS 0 A NiGHTS Chao, which is a regular fly-type chao with animal parts.

Sonic Adventure 2

The Black Market allowed for players to obtain different Jewel chao. Below is a table with the required emblems needed to obtain the chao:

Picture Name Emblems Description
Black chao Black Chao Free This Chao’s color is black by nature. It may become a Hero Chao with a black color…?
Silver chao Silver Chao 5 This Chao shines silver. It seems like a metal, but the touch feels like pudding or marshmallow :)
Gold chao Gold Chao 10 This Chao shines golden. We recommend this Chao to the breeders who like a showy appearance.
Ruby chao Ruby 20 This Chao shines crimson like a ruby. It will be prominent at the garden !
Sapphire chao Sapphire 20 This Chao shines blue like a sapphire. It looks so cool !
Amethyst chao Amethyst 20 This Chao shines purple like an amethyst. It’s a mystic Chao.
Emerald chao Emerald 20 This Chao shines green like an emerald. It’s glaring green !!
Moon chao Moon Chao 30 A very rare Chao has appeared ! It shines like a romantic moon.


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