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Shiny Jewel Chao with various coloured Shiny parents.
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A Chao's breed refers to a Chao's colour pattern, completely separate from and unrelated to its Evolution. There are four factors which combine to form the Chao's overall breed. These are Base Colour, Tone, Shininess, and Jewel Coat. In the Dreamcast games, there are either one or two traits, being Colour and Jewel Coat. The combination of appearance traits is largely cumulative, and the heredity involved when breeding appearance traits is a large part of Chao Genetics.

Below is a simple viewer that can show how these combine.

Base Colour: Colour list

Tone: Mono-tone / Two-tone

Jewel Coat: Jewel list

Shiny: Y/N


The most basic element of a coloured breed is, of course, its colour. Every Coloured Chao has a single base colour. They may often appear to visually have multiple colours on their bodies, but this is an effect resulting from other factors of their breed. A Coloured Chao only ever has one base colour out of the available 14: Normal, White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Sky Blue, Orange, Green, Brown, Grey, Lime Green, or Black. You can find images of each colour in the [Chao Gallery](#). All colours except Normal are obtained through the Black Market. In the Dreamcast Sonic Adventure games, there are only two colours of Chao, Normal and Black.


Tone describes how the Chao's base colour manifests. There are two types of tone, Monotone and Two-tone. Monotone Chao show only one color along their entire body (with the exception of the Chao's eyes, wings, and Emote Ball.) All Chao purchased from the Black Market are Monotone, and remain so their whole life, regardless of evolution, as their one colour. Two-tone Chao have their base colour, but also feature highlights of various other colours, depending on their evolution. The colours used vary greatly across base colour and evolution type. The locations of various highlights are determined by the Chao's evolution type.

A general trend is that Neutral and Hero Chao have their base colour as determined by their genes, and highlights of a specific other colour, while Dark Chao are mostly black (or other very dark colours) with highlights of their genetic colour. For example, Two-tone Orange Chao generally have green highlights when in Hero or Neutral evolutions. When in Dark evolutions, they are generally black with orange highlights.

In the Dreamcast games, Chao cannot be Monotone.

Jewel Coat

Jewel Chao are a rarer breed of Chao which have a special metallic, reflective coat. Its body is covered in a jewel-like sheen. Jewel Chao do not show a Chao's base colour and tone, instead all Jewel Chao appear with a solid, metallic texture. Every Jewel Chao has a single jewel coat. This coat defines its appearance. The Jewel Coat types are Silver, Gold, Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst, Emerald, Garnet, Aquamarine, Peridot, Topaz, and Onyx. This is similar to the base colour of a Coloured Chao, but it is important to make the distinction between a base colour and jewel coat. They are two separate things, a very important distinction to make when it comes to breeding and obtaining special breeds.

Jewel Coat is (perhaps) the only other major type of appearance-related trait Chao possess in the Dreamcast games. The DC games also include Bronze, Copper, and Moon Chao types.


All Chao can be either shiny or non-shiny. If the Chao doesn't have a jewel coat and is shiny, then the Chao will look the same but more sparkly and shinier. If it does have a jewel coat and is shiny, then it will appear differently depending on its original base colour, and on what version of the game is being played. These exotic Chao are known as Shiny Jewel Chao.

All shiny Chao are obtained from the Black Market.