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Heart Fruit
A Chao eating a Heart fruit, a fruit eaten to induce mating season.
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Heart Fruit
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Breeding is the process by which two evolved chao produce an egg, which houses a new baby chao.


For Chao to enter their mating season, both chao require a high desire to mate. Chao will achieve this after the player spends a lot of time in the garden, or through feeding the chao a Lifenut or Heart Fruit (Only the last bite of the fruit will achieve this, so 2 heart fruits are needed, one for each chao). Only chao which have evolved will be able to mate.

The chao will sit down and have a ring of flowers form around it once it is ready to mate. The chao will sit with a heart Emote Ball until disturbed, or it finishes its mating season. If the Chao is placed near another chao with flowers around it, it will walk up to them, followed by both chao standing and doing a small nuzzle-like action. After a moment, they will spring back and an egg will appear.

Short gif of 2 Chao breeding

The breeding flower ring present around a chao in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle for the PC.


Main article: Genetics

The child chao produced by breeding two chao will have its genes determined by both parents. Chao are diploid organisms, meaning they carry two alleles for each gene; this means that each adult chao carries 2 different genes that determine if the offspring are going to be shiny, monotone, their grades etc. and are what ultimately determine the appearance of the child Chao.

One allele is chosen from each parent to pass down onto the newborn chao; when it comes to determining Chao's appearance, most alleles are equally dominant meaning one of the alleles is chosen at random to determine the Chao's appearance, with exceptions such as the 'normal' colour which is recessive, and the shiny and jewel genes which are dominant over their non-shiny and non-jewel counterparts. A more detailed explaination can be found in the main article for genetics.

SA1 (Dreamcast)

The first signs of a Chao in breeding season is the chao sitting down and having a formation of randomly arranged flowers around it.

The breeding flower ring present around a chao in Sonic Adventure 1

SA2 (Dreamcast)

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