Chao Adventure

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Chao Adventure
Chao Adventure
Chao Adventure
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Chao Adventure
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Chao Adventure is an independent mini game that you can play on your Visual Memory Unit (VMU). IN SA1DC, this is the only way to view a Chao's stats.

Entering Chao Adventure

VMU transporter found within Station Square Garden.

A chao must be transferred to the VMU to begin. This can be done from a transporter found within the Chao Gardens. 128 blocks of free space are required, as well as the vmu to have no other minigame.


Chao walking through a field.

As the title says, the gameplay consists of a Chao going on a journey. The controls include pressing A on the VMU to go forward and B to go back. As chao progresses, they come across multiple events, and can obtain various nuts on their travels from chests.


A route chao has taken is displayed.

There are various routes that Chao can take while on their Adventure. Each section is 3600 meters in length, and the speed of which chao progresses depends on it's stats and it's success during various events. A signpost designates the end of a section, where either the Chao or the player can decide which direction to go in.

Chao can lose HP while travelling in Chao Adventure, however if the chao runs out of HP, it will not die like when in the chao garden; it will instead return to the start of that particular section.