Chao Races (SA1)

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Chao Races (SA1)
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SADX Chao lobby.
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Sonic Adventure Chao Races are races in which your Chao can compete in. These are often overshadowed by the Sonic Adventure 2 Races due to their aged mechanics.



Chao racing in the Pearl race.

The races contain multiple obstacles to follow. Notable examples that do not appear in SA2 are beach balls that must be pushed at the start of a race which are influenced by a chao's Power stat, as well as there is a fork in the road on the Amethyst and Emerald courses where a chao can walk on one route or fly&swim across another.

Controls during the race include pressing A to boost and using left and right analog tilting to switch between the active chao. There is no way to pause during the races.


Main article: Stats

Each stat has a different effect on what your chao achieves during the race:

  • Swim - the speed at which the chao swims.
  • Fly - Primarily affects distance flown on the flying sections of the courses. The traction the chao has on the ground while running is also affected by this stat.
  • Run - the speed at which the chao runs. This is arguably the most important stat.
  • Power - The speed at which a chao pushes a beach ball, knocks coconuts from a tree or climbs up a cliff.
  • Stamina - zero effect

Raising these stats will increase the chances your chao has at winning the races.


During the race, the chao the camera is focusing on may change and the chao the camera changes to will have sparkles surrounding it; with this, you can press A to temporarily boost the chao to a higher speed. These could be your chao or the enemy chao; chao further behind have a higher chance of receiving these boosts. It is recommended to speed up your own chao and not the enemy chao when maximising chances of winning.

Each chao in lanes 1 to 6 has character voicelines that will cheer for the chao in the lanes when boosted:

  • Lane 1 - Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Lane 2 - Miles 'Tails' Prower
  • Lane 3 - Knuckles the Echidna
  • Lane 4 - Amy Rose
  • Lane 5 - E102 Gamma
  • Lane 6 - Big the Cat

It is important to reiterate that, unlike in SA2 Chao races, stamina will have zero effect; it will not increase the likelihood of your chao having these sparkles nor will it extend how far a chao moves forward in anyway.


In SADX, there are 2 sets of races; Beginner races and Jewel races. The Jewel versions of the races contain stronger adult chao than the child Chao in the beginner races.

They take place on 5 courses which are as follows:

  • Pearl Course
  • Amethyst Course
  • Sapphire Course
  • Ruby Course
  • Emerald Course


There is an emblem to be earned for beating each of these Jewel races, totaling to 5 emblems.

Each race gives a medal for winning based on the name of the course.

Race won Medal



Chacron can appear in the Jewel Races. He is a Two-Tone Black Chao that mysteriously appears in lane 2 lined up alongside all the other racers.

Most races featuring Chacron (except for the Pearl course) begin with him laying around not participating; however, some time into the race, he will join in and it will become apparent he has very high stats as he runs very fast, meaning your chao still requires high stats to beat this rival as he catches up quickly.

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Silver chao

The Silver Chao rivals can appear in the Beginner Races or Jewel Races. If you have a Chao which has its four main stats (Swim, Fly, Run, and Power) adding up to 6,751 points or more, they can appear in the races as all 7 of the other chao. These chao have significantly high stats.

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Gold Chao

The Gold Chao rivals can appear in the Beginner Races or Jewel Races. If you have a Chao with ALL its four main stats (Swim, Fly, Run, and Power) at 1,900 points or more, they can appear in the races as all 7 of the other chao. These chao have incredibly high stats, higher than those of the Silver chao, and are often considered to be the toughest rivals in the game.

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Theme song for Chao Races, Titled: "Join Us 4 Happy Time."