Chao Stadium

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Chao Stadium
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Chao Stadium is the main hub for the Chao Races, including Chao Karate in versions of Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.

In Sonic Adventure 1/Sonic Adventure DX

The Stadium directs you straight to the Chao Race as the main event through the red doors in Station Square Garden, from there you can select an array of race events.

In Sonic Adventure 2

Behind the waterfall in the Chao Garden will you find the Stadium. The Stadium has a separate screen in this game, featuring an Omochao holding a flashlight inside a crystal cave. Only Chao Races or Exit can be selected from this screen.

In Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

Much like the Dreamcast counterpart, you can also find this place behind the Chao Garden's waterfall. An Omochao can be found here inside a crystal cave leading into two directions, where you have the option to select Chao Races or Chao Karate.


Between the Dreamcast and modern Sonic Adventure 2 versions, the music differs inside the Stadium.

The lobby themes and Stadium themes appear to be switched between the two games.