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Chao World Extended
Chao World Extended
Update your Chao World and make it BETTER!
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Chao World Extended
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Mod Information
Current Version Version
Compatibility Sonic Adventure 2 (PC)
Date Created January 16th, 2014
Last Updated May 19th, 2024

Chao World Extended is a modpack for Sonic Adventure 2 (PC) that contains a variety of different mods and codes, some of which adds content to the game such as new chao colors and combinations, previously unused features to the game such as animations and certain toys, and various overhauls and brand new features such as a redesigned Black market and new small animals, fruits, hats and chao types.

This mod does NOT increase the 24 chao limit per save file. No codes within Chao World Extended currently do this. IT is recommended to use the Transporter's Move menu with the Multisave code if more chao are desired.

Mod List

This is the full list of mods that come with the CWE zip file:

SADX Gardens

Main Features

A picture of the unused toy "organ" that has been reimplemented in Chao World Extended

Chao World Extended

Mod Name: !ChaoWorldExtended

The main mod of the pack, it adds objects to your garden, allows chao to climb walls and adds new TV Channels. It also fixes the Hero/Run and Hero/Power texture glitch, fixes planted trees not growing correctly in the port, and even provides a fix for the Bright Chao glitch that is in the Steam version of the game. This code must be enabled at all times in order for the rest of the mods/codes to work properly. It'll show up on your mod loader/manager as "Chao World Extended". Below are the Chao World Extended features included in the base mod.


Chao World Extended introduces the CWE API that allows modders to make their own Chao mods. While requiring Chao World Extended to work, the mods allows for anyone with minimal knowledge coding-wise to create Chao mods.

As of version 8.3, Chao World Extended first offered a way for modders to insert custom fruits and hats to the game with more ease than previously. Version 9.2 added Animal and Accessory modding to the game. in 9.5.3, the CWE API was rewritten and expanded to include custom Character Chao, custom Seeds and by extension Trees, and custom lenses that would change Chao eye colour when given to Chao.

Shiny Fruit

A new fruit is added to the game which, once eaten, allows Bright Chao to look like their intended Shiny Two-tone appearance and vice versa. It can be purchased from the Black Market for 3000 rings.

Day/Night Cycle

Day/Night Cycle is a mod that cycles the scenery through day, evening, and night, including having cloudy weather. This is not compatable with the older mod Dreamcast Gardens and most garden texture mods. You can either set the garden to cycle through the different times or manually enable certain times in certain gardens. The time frame will be saved with your Chao save file when you're finished. From version 9.0, this has been built into the base mod itself, and can be enabled or disabled in the configuration menu of the Modloader. From version 9.2 onwards, you can give the cycle a fade transition usiing the configuration.

New Black Market

In version 9.4, the Black Market has received a massive makeover. What was once a single-page selection of items has now been changed. There is now multiple pages, or tabs, that can display 32 items each. Tabs exist for Eggs, Fruits, Seeds, Hats, Accessories, and more. The Black Market's item ID limit has also been increased to 65,535. In version 9.4.1, a timer was added that displays the amount of time remaining until the Black Market's stock changes. If the timer reaches 0 while you are on the Black Market's main menu, where the timer displays, the game will kick the player out of the Black Market automatically, allowing for the player see what has arrived in stock without having to manually exit yourself.

Classroom Additions

As of version 9.5.3, there is now a timer on the screen that display how much time is left in the lesson before a next one is available. Chao can also learn 3 new instruments here: the Triangle, Guitar and Accordion. More information about the instruments can be found in the More Chao Actions section.

Cosmetic Wings

A new item that debuted in version 9.2. Purchasing this item from the Black Market and giving it to a Chao will make the wings of a Jewel, Texture or Color Chao the same color as the Chao. Unlike the Dreamcast Wings code, the Cosmetic Wings only change the wings of the Chao you give them to, and not all of them, enabling you to choose which Chao recevies the cosmetic change or not. It can be purchased from the Black Market for 500 rings.

Reverse Mirror

Another new item that debuted in version 9.2. Purchasing this item from the Black Market and giving it to a Chao will invert the chao's colours in a sense. For example, Neutral and Hero Chao become black, while Dark Chao become white. This is an alternative to the older Negative Chao save code; you do not need to hold any buttons for it to occur, it doesn't need to be applied before entering Chao World, and it doesn't apply to all of the Chao. Just the Chao you give the Negative Mirror to, enabling you to choose which Chao recevies the cosmetic change or not. It can be purchased from the Black Market for 2000 rings.

Suspicious Potion

Giving a Chao this item brings it to the end of its lifetime instantly, making it either instantly reincarnate or die depending on its happiness. Baby Chao are not able to use this. It can be purchased from the Black Market for 50000 rings.

This item debuted in version 9.3; its function had been in the mod before then via an optional code that has now been removed.

Hero Chao Brush

When this item is given to chao, it will change the palette of the Hero Chao's colours to the skill-type of the brush given to them. For example, a Fly Hero Chao can receive a Run Brush to change the Chao's purple color to a green color, even though they're not a Run-type. Each brush is purchasable from the Black Market for 1000 rings.

New Fortune Teller Names

See the above article for a list of names this code adds to the Fortune-Telling House's pool of Chao names that the Fortune Teller can give Chao. The names reference people on the mod's dev team, characters from SEGA and Nintendo franchises, Chao encountered in Sonic Chronicles, and more.

Move Menu

A feature that debuted in version 9.2. This code utilizes the GameCube Move menu that originally allowed for transfer of Chao between memory cards, and enables the player to transfer Chao between the save files produced by the Multi-save code. It functions the same, with a chao or empty space selected on both sides, before pressing the arrow in the centre to move the Chao, saving both save files.

The menu works correctly when the gardens in a save file contain no more than 8 Chao; this means that any codes that increase the number of chao in the garden would be incompatible, such as the Chao In Garden Limit code, as chao may appear as blank spaces instead.

Name Menu

Version 9.2 and onwards features a menu that can be found in the Chao transporter that enables the player to custom name Chao from within the garden as opposed to going to the Fortune-Telling House. As of version 9.5, your Chao's name can also be as long as 12 characters.


A Lens can be bought for the players chao from the Black Market. It is worn by the chao as they would a hat. Once worn, the chao's eyes will change to that of those on the box. Pictured are the Hero Chao lens and the fanmade Spartoi lens.

Lenses of certain colors can also be obtained, such as the red and green lens below.


Introduced in version 9, accessories are a bonus way the player can customize their Chao. Accessories come in a face slot and a head slot. For example, Chao can have a hat and wear glasses at the same time. The player can also give Chao other accessories to wear over the hat.

Currently, Chao World Extended has the following accessories included:

Accessory Price
Baseball Cap 2500
Bowtie 2500
Round glasses 2500
Aviators 2500
Headphones 2500
Pacifier 2500
Press hat 2500

Chao World Extended also adds the functionality for full-body accessories. The mod includes the following:

Accessory Price
Blue Hoodie 2500
Pink Hoodie 2500
Cheese Bowtie 2500

Customization Menu

Introduced in version 9.1, the Chao transporters in each garden have another function: the ability to customize your Chao's appearance. Here, you can change the hats and/or accessories the Chao can put on, as well as any medals the Chao unlocked from winning Karate matches and Chao Races. Hats and accessories can be combined here.

The menu was redone in version 9.5. Sound effects now play when you equip and unequip something, the panels were changed from squares to circles, and the positions of the panels were adjusted slightly.

Shortcut Menu

Version 9.1 has a shortcut menu that allows players to toggle a couple of things. Players can access it by pressing X + Y. The first one is the ability to have the names of your Chao be displayed, similar to Sonic Adventure DX. The second one is a wheel that allow you to change the time of day, assuming you have the Day/Night Cycle feature and the associated menu code enabled.

Lifespan Display

As of version 9.1 and onwards, you can now look at a Chao's remaining life by looking at the Chao's stats tab at the Chao Doctor. You'll also be able to see a Chao's lifespan grade. The higher the grade is, the longer the Chao can live before it dies or reincarnates.

Animal Usage Improvements

A couple of improvements have been made to animal consumption as of version 9.1. There is now an option to make it so animals are reusable. Also, if one hasn't been used yet, you'll see a sparkle effect on the animal.

Oranges & New Animals

Version 9.2 introduced custom animals, and you can get them via oranges. Oranges can be bought at the Black Market for 500 rings. Once you have one, you have 2 choices. You can give it to a Chao for them to eat to increase their Stamina, or you can let the orange sit in your Chao Garden for a bit for it to attract 3 custom animals.

Each bite of the orange has a 40% chance of spawning the Fly-type Bee, a 40% chance of spawning the Fly-type Ladybug, and a 20% chance of spawning the Power-type Scorpion. None of them currently have animal behaviors associated with them, but giving them to a Chao can give them related animal parts and 2.5 bars of experience points.

In version 9.5.3, the custom animal code was re-written to use Sonic Adventure 2: Battle's animal part slots.

Chao Fruit Tree & Seed

In Chao World Extended, as of version 9.5, you can purchase a Chao Fruit tree seed. The seed, which is planted just like other seeds, grows into a tree that blooms with the blue Chao Fruits that typically give Chao a bump in multiple stat areas with each bite.

Egg Chao

A silly thing added in Chao World Extended long ago was the ability for a Chao to turn into an Egg Chao, where they looked like, well, an egg. Prior to version 9.3, obtaining an Egg Chao involved a very specific method. Version 9.3 made it so all that has to be done is for any 2 Chao to breed. When 2 Chao breed, there is a 1% chance that the result will be an Egg Chao, which will roll around instead of walk or crawl. As of version 9.5, their feet can disappear too.

Parent & Grandparent DNA Data

If you'd like to see information on a Chao's parents and grandparents, ala a family tree, you can do so in Chao World Extended. Take a Chao to the Chao Doctor and bring up its health results. When you do, bring up a Chao's stats and grades. Press down to see a screen showing the Chao's parents and grandparents.

More Chao Actions

This code used to be a part of the "More Chao Animations" code prior to version 7.5 of the mod, but became its own code in version 7.5 before being moved to the base mod in version 9.0. As the name implies, enabling this code adds more actions that the Chao can do. For example, if a Chao's hunger value is over 7,500, it can pick a random tree and start shaking it. If some fruits fall down, there's a chance that the Chao will pick up a fruit after the Chao is done shaking the tree. Another added action involves instruments. Chao can also engage in toy bands, similar to the musical instrument bands they could already do in the vanilla game.

If a Chao is playing an instrument, Chao that have at least 4,000 boredom will come over to join the band without the player's help. The piano (Hero Garden) and organ (Dark Garden) garden toys, unused in vanilla Sonic Adventure 2, have been brought in for bored Chao to play as another Chao action, although you will need to unlock them first. This can be done by completing the first levels of the Hero and Dark Races, respectively. The Chao also have a chance of running away in fear if they have bad luck with the jack-in-the-box garden toy. A Chao will also walk while crying or depressed, depending on if the Chao sobbed quietly or cried loudly and with tears. Chao can also build sandcastles, if they have the shovel unlocked and are bored enough.

Chao can also breakdance. For this to happen, a Chao must learn all of the vanilla game's dances. Once that happens, then a Chao will have a chance of breakdancing when it's bored. Prior to version 9.5.3, a Chao could breakdance by winning all the toys from races. This broke in latter updates, which led to the new requirements in version 9.5.3.

3 more intruments have also been added, the Triangle, Guitar and Accordion. Prior to version 9.5.3, a Chao could learn how to play those instruments by learning 3 vanilla instruments from the Kindergarten. Once they did, there would be a chance of playing one of the 3 added instruments instead. Now, as of version 9.5.3, a Chao can simply participate in Lessons for each of the instruments.

Lastly, you can also see Chao conversations. Prior to version 9.0, Chao conversations were dependent on the "desire to mate" value and a "Chatty" value. The higher the "Chatty" value was, the less the "desire to mate" requirement was. Once a Chao reached that required "desire to mate" amount, the "Chatty" flag would be enabled, making the Chao available to chat with another Chao that had their own "Chatty" flag enabled. Eventually, these two Chao would meet each other and have a conversation. However, if a Chao was hungry, the Chao would decide to go shake a tree instead. This system received a rework in version 9.0. Now, Chao only need to have a high Loneliness value.

Chao Relations

Introduced in version 9.0 are more interactions that your Chao can have with each other. As previously stated, Chao can have conversations with each other. You should, however, pay close attention to their body language. Chao conversations can go in any direction. You may notice that some conversations start out with the Chao having a good time and laughing, then suddenly they're arguing with each other and angrily walk away. Other times, their conversation gets very argumentive, only for them to patch things up at the end. There's conversations that can go positively the entire way, or negatively the entire way. Conversations that are mundane can also happen.

Once the two Chao have talked to each other 5 times, they become friends. Chao that are friends will react to cocoons, if they're close enough to one. Chao will jump for joy if they're seeing a Chao evolve. But, if a Chao reincarnates or passes away, they will mourn for the Chao and cry. However, the things that Chao friends can do together don't stop there. As of version 9.2, Chao that have talked to each other 5 times will unlock a chance that the two Chao friends will gossip to each other. Once they've talked to each other 10 times, they will also be able to either hug each other, or go for a walk and hold hands.

Obtainable Character Chao

In vanilla Sonic Adventure 2, the Tails, Knuckles and Amy character Chao were only obtainable through very rare means. The Knuckles and Amy Chao eventually became unobtainable, and the Tails Chao only possible by doing a certain mission in Phantasy Star Online. Chao World Extended adds legitimate in-game methods for getting these Chao.

To do it, follow the method of getting a Chaos Chao. Make the Chao reincarnate twice, give it every type of animal in the game, and increase its Happiness to 80. However, the method deviates from here on. Making the Chao a certain skill-type before it evolves will turn it into a Character Chao, instead of a Chaos Chao. Fly gets you Tails, Run will evolve into an Amy Chao, and Power will net you a Knuckles Chao.

Custom Character Chao & Spartoi Chao

A picture of Spartoi chao in Chao Karate.

As mentioned further up, version 9.5.3 introduced new API that allows the addition of custom character Chao in Chao World Extended. It also enables fans to create and add custom Character Chao of their own.

To demonstrate this, the update also came with a new Character Chao, a Spartoi Chao. To get a Spartoi Chao, a baby Chao must be given Spartoi Lens. Then, you must raise it to be a Dark Chao, as well as a Power-type. If you've met all the conditions, it will turn into a Spartoi Chao when it evolves.

GBA Fruit & SADX Animals

Another feature in Chao World Extended is the addition of the fruit that could be found in the Tiny Chao Garden, seen in the Game Boy Advance Sonic games. Chao can be fed the fruit, but if you leave the fruit lying around in the garden, animals from Sonic Adventure DX will appear.

The animals that show up depend on the fruit. While certain animals will spawn from multiple fruit, there are no animals that spawn from every fruit. It is also worth keeping in mind that the animal spawns are only temporary. As animals spawn, they will "eat the fruit", eventually consuming it entirely. Animal actions associated with these animals have not carried over from Sonic Adventure DX, due to the behaviors either being duplicates, or being turned into classroom Lessons. The only exception is the Lion behavior, an rare action that a Chao will do at random, and without a Lion being necessary. Below are tables of each fruit, along with the pool of animal spawns and their chances of spawning.

Orange Fruit
Otter 35%
Seal 15%
Lion 25%
Gorilla 25%
Blue Fruit
Swallow 40%
Peacock 20%
Parrot 20%
Penguin 10%
Koala Bear 10%
Pink Fruit
Otter 15%
Seal 35%
Kangaroo 40%
Mole 10%
Green Fruit
Elephant 40%
Deer 30%
Kangaroo 20%
Mole 10%
Purple Fruit
Rabbit 30%
Peacock 20%
Koala Bear 10%
Mole 10%
Skunk 30%
Yellow Fruit
Swallow 30%
Parrot 40%
Gorilla 10%
Koala Bear 10%
Skunk 10%
Red Fruit
Penguin 20%
Lion 30%
Deer 20%
Koala Bear 10%
Mole 10%
Skunk 10%

Hyper Fruits & X-Grade

X-Grade is a rank higher than S-Grade that is added by the mod. These are achieved by giving a Chao a "Hyper Fruit", rare items found in the Black Market. There are 4 Hyper Fruits (Fly, Swim, Run and Power) one for each specific stat. Chao can only have 1 stat at a time that is an X-Grade, and only S-Grades can be updated to X-Grades. X-Grades go back to S-Grades when a Chao reincarnates. X-Grade upgrades also need to be done as soon as possible, because X-ranks become pointless the more the Chao has been leveled up. Players will see no significant change if the Chao is level 99 at the time the player upgrades an S-Grade to an X-Grade.

With an X grade and perfect reincarnations (obtaining the maximum level-up points possible for an X grade stat before Reincarnation), the maximum stats are 3560 for Run and 3854 for Swim, Fly, Power and Stamina. Run is slightly weaker as it is considered one of the most influencial stats in the Chao Stadium, especially in Races.

Stat Upgrades At The Health Center

While looking at the chao stats screen at the Health Centre, the player can pay Doctor Chao to upgrade stats in exchange for rings. Keep in mind:

  • The Chao's grades can only be upgraded 3 times per life.
  • The higher the grade, the more rings are required to upgrade it.
  • An A-rank also cannot be upgraded to an S-rank via this method.
  • Your chao must also have reached level 99 in the stat you wish to upgrade.

As for how you upgrade, you look at the Chao's stats at the Chao Doctor, then input the corresponding button combinations to each stat type. Upgrading the stat will then reset the level and points back to 0, allowing for a full benefit to be received as increasing the grade only increases the stat points received on levelling up.

Prior to version 9.5, the button combination for Stamina upgrades was Y + L and R. Version 9.5 makes it so it is just Y + L now.

Stat Button Combination
Swim Y + DPad Up
Fly Y + Dpad Down
Power Y + Dpad Right
Run Y + Dpad Left
Stamina Y + L
Upgrade Cost
E > D 10,000 Rings
D > C 20,000 Rings
C > B 30,000 Rings
B > A 40,000 Rings


These are mods that are included in Chao World Extended's download, but are not in Chao World Extended's base files and can be toggled on/off in the mod manager/loader

HD Chao Texture

Mod Name: HDTexture

HD Chao Textures that increase the overall clarity of the chao at higher resolutions.

SADX Gardens

Mod Name: SADX Gardens

Introduced in version 9.0 are the gardens you could visit in Sonic Adventure DX. Station Square, Mystic Ruins & Egg Carrier are here, wih the latter two being in beta.

2P in Chao World

Mod Name: 2pChaoWorld

With this mod enabled, the player is able to enter Chao World with a second player. There are two ways to get in; either by getting the Chao Key during a 2 player match or by selecting the Chao World level in 2P Battle Mode. Press Shift or Ctrl to switch the split screen mode to vertical/horizontal.

Newer Challenge Race

Mod Name: NewerChallengeRace

Newer Challenge Race is a mod that edits the Challenge Race. It is a challenge directed to users who have finished the original Challenge Race too easy and want more of a challenge. The difficulty starts off at the last difficulty of the originally Challenge Race and gradually gets more difficult.

There are 2 medals which can be won:

  • A rank medal - Once worn, any child Chao from breeding the Chao wearing the medal has a higher chance to inherit A ranks.
  • Immortality medal - Halts progression of the Chao's lifespan as long as it is wearing the medal, meaning it will never reach reincarnation; taking off the medal will cause their lifespan to start going down again.

In version 9.5, this mod's anti-cheat system was removed.


Main Features

Chao World Extended features many optional codes that the user can enable to enhance their experience with the mod. The codes come in various categories and difficulties, depending on if the player would prefer more of a challenge raising Chao or not. Prior to version 9.3, you could find the codes via the Codes tab of the Sonic Adventure 2 Mod Manager. Now, they can be toggled via the Config button in the Sonic Adventure 2 Mod Manager.

Bring Unused Toys

A picture of the unused toy "organ" that has been reimplemented in Chao World Extended

Enabling this code brings back the rubber duck float toy for the Chao garden and round floaty for the Hero Garden. The unused Piano for the Hero Garden and the Organ for the Dark garden can also be won from races.

It also changes the rattle won from the Mushroom Forest race into the unused alignment-related rattle, where the chao will use a different rattle based on it's alignment.

New Inventory Display

When you buy things from the Black Market, the items go into an inventory that is displayed on the bottom corner of the screen. Chao World Extended gave this an overhaul in version 9.5, with the amount of items you can carry in the inventory being expanded from 5 to 10. This code toggles the a new optional display that shows the actual items you bought as 3D models, rather than the usual icons which only show if the item is a fruit, seed etc.

Enable Movable Toys

Version 9.5 introduced the ability to move the garden toys. This feature works for all of the vanilla garden toys (TV, radio, rocking horse, jack-in-the-box), as well as the toys that were added to the game by Chao World Extended (organ, piano, livesaver floaty, rubber duck). To move it, all the player has to do is pick it up, then place it wherever they want. Please note that each toy has an invisible radius circle that the game's code uses to detect if the Chao is in range of the toy. If so, and the Chao's boredom value is high enough, the Chao may decide to go play with the toy. Because of this, it is recommended, but not necessary, to make sure that the toys are kept a fair distance apart from each other.

Gardens won't affect Attributes

Enabling this code means that Dark and Hero gardens will not affect the chao's magnitude and alignment progression. Disabling this means Chao tend towards being Hero-aligned while spending time in the Hero garden for example.

New Egg Colors

Changes all Chao eggs to match the color of the Chao inside, including Chao eggs obtained by breeding. In vanilla, all Chao use the same default egg texture regardless of appearance, except the ones obtained at the Black Market.

Adjusted Characters

Adjusts Tails' and Metal Sonic's speed while in Chao World.

Birthday Event

A new event introduced in version 9.2.

By default, assuming that you don't have the Dynamic Lifetime code on, a "Chao day" happens every 2 minutes. Each time this happens, an adult Chao's remaining life ticks down, and the magnitude ticks up. After a certain amount of "Chao days", a "Chao year" occurs where the Chao ages by a year. Taking a Chao to the Chao Doctor, and looking at the Chao's condition will tell you how many more "Chao days" are left before the Chao ages a year. If you just so happen to enter the garden the Chao is in on the same "Chao day" that it ages a year, there is a chance to observe the Chao's birthday party event.

During the event, the birthday Chao will have a party hat on its head and is holding a cake. Any Chao that are not sleeping and are close by will come over to the birthday Chao, jump for joy, and eat some cake together. Not only do they eat as if they were very hungry, but eating the cake decreases their Hunger value. The birthday Chao itself will be the last one to eat a piece, once 25 seconds have passed. After the event is done, the Chao must wait another "Chao year" before they host another birthday event, but they can still eat the cakes of other Chao celebrating their birthdays.

Omochao Building

Prior to version 9.3, obtaining an Omochao involved giving a Blue and White Robot Texture Chao a red beanie hat. Now, there is an entirely new method of getting one, which also allows Omochao to be a different colour, shiny, be monotone or even have a texture such as a jewel texture.

To obtain an Omochao, a Chao first needs to win the Challenge Race 'I'm Trying!'. The Chao will win a wrench as its prize. The Chao will have the tool to assemble the Omochao, but the Chao still needs the parts to build one. This is done by giving the Chao multiple boxes of parts, which can be found at the Black Market. Each time you give the Chao a box of parts, it'll slowly assemble the Omochao in the garden, piece by piece. Eventually, when you give the Chao enough boxes of parts, the Omochao will be finished and become the player's newest arrival to their Chao save. Players must keep in mind of the following:

  1. Only the Chao that started building it can finish it.
  2. The Omochao will copy the visual appearance of the Chao that is building it. This includes colour, shininess, whether chao has two-tone markings and texture.
  3. The Omochao cannot be finished if there's not enough room on the player's Chao save.
  4. If the save is full, Chao cannot build on top of a finished Omochao.

As of version 9.5, an Omochao will wear medals they've won just like the other Chao.

Animal Parts On Omochao

This code allows for the aforementioned Omochao to have animal parts.

Fruit Rebalancing

The mod previously rebalanced fruit to be stronger as part of the base mod, however this was changed to a code to allow players to choose whether to use the boosted fruit. The new effects are listed in the table below.

Note that Chao Fruit was also previously configured to be more powerful in older versions of Chao World Extended. See the Removed Codes section of this page for more details.

Garden Fruits 40% Stamina (50% if the hard mode code "Hunger is Difficult" is enabled)
Strong Fruit 60% Stamina
Tasty Fruit still gives 30% Stamina but now also gives 60% Luck
Hero/Dark Fruit 50% Stamina and still edits the alignment
Round/Square/Triangle Fruit 80% Stamina
Smart Fruit 30% Stamina and 320% Intel
GBA Fruits give double of what they gave before
Mushroom 160% Stamina
Mushroom Alt 320% Stamina
Mint Candy 200% to Swim, Fly, Run, and Power, but 50% to Stamina

DayNight System

Day/Night Cycle

A picture of Hero Garden during night time using the Day/Night Cycle mod in Chao World Extended.

Day/Night Cycle is a mod that cycles the scenery through day, evening, and night, including having different weather. Neutral Chao and Hero Chao sleep at night, and Dark Chao sleep at day. If it's cloudy, Chao may have low boredom, so they won't play much. You can either set the garden to cycle through the different times or manually enable certain times in certain gardens. The time frame will be saved with your Chao save file when you're finished. This is not compatable with Dreamcast Gardens and most garden texture mods. As of version 9.0 onwards, this has shifted from being a separate mod to being built into the base mod itself.

Day/Night Cheat Menu

Adds a wheel to the CWE shortcut menu that allows the player to change the time of day on command. It can be accessed by pressing X + Y.

No Day/Night Transition

Added in version 9.2, you can give the cycle a fade transition. This occurs while in any garden when the time of day changes, and is enabled by default.

Advanced Features

These codes add new things that Chao can do for those that are really interested in raising Chao.

Rare Chao Act Like Normal Chao

This code, when enabled, gives the immortal Chaos and Character Chao the ability to have animal parts and mate, as well as allowing them to have varied facial expressions.

Medals can breed Jewel Chao

The vanilla version of Sonic Adventure 2 only allows you to get Jewel Chao by using the Tiny Chao Garden in the Sonic Advance games. However, this code provides players with a new method to do so, as well as another layer of depth for breeding and more incentive to do Chao Races. The code enables medals won from Chao Races to make Jewel Chao.

When a Chao wins a medal, they will wear it on their chest. While that specific medal is worn, there is a 50% chance that the offspring of the Chao that won the medal and another Chao will be a Jewel Chao. What Jewel Chao can hatch depends on the medal the Chao is wearing. If the parents are wearing two different medals, the Jewel Chao can be either of the colors associated with that medal. For example, if one parent Chao is wearing a Hero medal and the their parent Chao is wearing a Silver medal, then the Jewel Chao that has a 50% chance of hatching can be Silver or Gold. The Diamond Medal, when worn, not only makes every type of Jewel Chao possible to hatch from an egg, but it adds the chance of hatching one out of more than 100 of a new type of special Texture Chao. You can see below what Jewel Chao can come from what medal.

Hero Medal Gold
Dark Medal Silver
Aqua or Sapphire Medal Aqua or Sapphire
Topaz Medal Topaz
Peridot or Emerald Medal Peridot Or Emerald
Garnet or Ruby Medal Garnet or Ruby
Onyx or Amethyst Medal Onyx or Amethyst
Pearl Medal Pearl (Have a Chao become friends with a Pearl Chao)
Diamond Medal ANY Jewel Chao, even Texture Chao

There are 2 Chao in particular that you can get via the Texture Chao. In earlier versions of Chao World Extended, the 2 Chao had been secret easter eggs. If you gave a Robot Texture Chao a beanie hat, it would turn into Omochao. However, players needed to keep in mind what the robot and beanie colors were. Blue and White Robot Texture Chao would only turn into Omochao with a red beanie hat, and Yellow and Orange Robot Texture Chao needed a blue beanie hat. The other Chao was a Full-Egg Chao, where they turned into a neutral Chao egg. To accomplish this, you needed to hatch a Chao Egg Texture Chao, then give it an eggshell hat. As of version 9.3, both of these Chao types are still in the mod, but the methods of obtaining them have changed.

Get NEW Shiny Jewel Monotone

This code, when enabled, gives a unique look to newborn Chao that are Shiny Jewel Monotone. It's a mix of Texture and Jewel Chao, but with a Shiny color on it.

Mixing Colors

Enabling this code will add more depth to Chao breeding. You can mix different Chao colors together and achieve entirely new special mixes of color, increasing the variety of Chao that can hatch from eggs. t achieves this by checking the chao's DNA, then will select the colour to use for the chao's appearance based on its 2 colours in it's DNA; the DNA chao has and will pass down when bred are still vanilla colours.

A full list of all the colors can be found in a document that you can see here.

Varying Shades Of Color

This code adds more colors that newborn Chao from the black market and that are bred can have. It achieves this by checking if both of the chao's DNA has the same colour allele, then randomly selects a shade to use for their appearance; the DNA chao has and will pass down when bred is still the vanilla colour.

Normal Chao can make Color Chao

This code enables Chao with regular coloring (such as the starter chao) to pass on the color to their children. This includes the transparency effect that Chao with Monster Evolutions experience.

Eyes colors for newborn Chao

With this code enabled, you can get another way for Chao to have custom eye colors that doesn't involve the lenses. This code gives newborn Chao a chance to be born with different eye colors. However, this will not give a Chao alignment eyes or special eyes. Those can only be done with lenses.

Monster Evolution

Chao monster evolution of a Fly/Power neutral chao. On the left, Chao has a Power influence of 1, whereas the right chao has a Power influence of 1.5.

This code, when enabled, gives Chao the ability to take their second evolution to the next level. For a Chao to do this, one of their stats needs to reach 2,000 points. Once the Chao has 2,000 stat points in Fly, Run, Power or Swim, you'll also need to increase the stat influence past its normal maximum level of -1.000 or 1.000, depending on the type. This can be done by contnuing to give the Chao animals and Chaos Drives, even if the Chao is at level 99. Once you achieve this, Chao that have a "normal" color and high enough influence in a certain type will become transparent. It can go even further if one of the stats reach 3,000 points. Its transparency in a Level 2 Monster Evolution increases a little more, but the Chao's features, depending on what type it is, will become even more defined.

Chao that don't lean towards being a Fly, Run, Power or Swim type, a Normal Chao, can still achieve a Monster Evolution via a high enough Stamina stat as it will increase evolution magnitude past the limit instead. It enhances a Chao's normal second evolution, but the Chao doesn't become transparent. Chao also don't become transparent if they're not a regular color, even if that Chao is a Fly, Run, Power or Swim type.

In version 9.4, the Chao's appearance changes with Monster evolutions broke, resulting in a temporary removal of this part of the code. Monster Evolutions now completely work again in version 9.5.

Fix Monster Evolution Transparency

Added in version 9.5.3, when enabled this code removes transparency caused by monster evolution, such as on regular-coloured chao (such as the starter chao) which turn transparent when undergoing monster evolution.

Spoiled Fruits

You will need to pay extra attention to your fruit with this code enabled, because fruits will occasionally spoil and change color before disappearing. Giving a Chao a Spoiled Fruit will decrease their Magnitude and Stamina. Stamina, however, will not level down.

Transform PC Shiny Jewels into GC Shiny Jewels

When this code is enabled, the appearance of Shiny Jewel Chao are changed to be their Transparent and Invisible Chao equivalents from the Gamecube version. It is recommended to back up Chao first as once the garden is saved, the change is irreversible, even when the Code is disabled again.

You can have both GC and Bright chao on one save if you do the following:

  • Move any chao you don't want to transform into a GC shiny jewel to another via Multisaves or exporting them using Krzys Chao Editor
  • Turn on the GC shiny jewel code and save
  • Turn off the GC shiny jewel code, then move the non-GC shiny jewel chao back into the save.

If unsure, leave this code as disabled.

Hard Mode

These codes aim to make Chao World more challenging. These codes are related to a Chao's behavior and interactions, making the player more actively ensure their Chao are taken care of and happy.

Bully Chao

This code adds an uncommon interaction that Chao could have with each other, but you will need the "More Chao Animations" code for this to work.

When any Chao is abused, sick, cyring from hunger, or if they've had to listen to a Chao poorly singing, its Anger value will increase. This will result in a Chao stomping the ground in a angry mood, resulting in the Anger value slowly decreasing. This animation will also increase their Surprise value, creating the chance of a Chao deciding to walk to another Chao and bully them by punching, pushing or kicking them. When a Chao's in a bullying mood, they will develop a mean face, even if the Chao's face is normally not like this, a warning sign to watch your Chao closely. If a Chao has a developed mean face, this does not mean the Chao is guaranteed to bully another Chao. It just means that it's a possibility. The Bully Chao will usually attack a Chao that isn't doing anything. A Chao needs to have an Anger value greater than 80, a Kindness value of less than 30, and an Energetic personality value of 30 or more for a Chao to potentially become a Bully, and they need to be in the mood for walking around the garden, but not wanting to swim, by having a low Tire value and decent Energy value.

The Chao that is bullied will experience the same effects as a Chao you abused, including a Happiness value decrease, but the Bully Chao will calm down afterwards via a Surprise value decrease, and its mean face will vanish. If a Chao's Kindness value is high enough, there is a small possibility that this Chao will defend other Chao by punching, pushing or kicking the Bully Chao.

Chao Drown

When this code is enabled, Chao that can't swim are at risk of losing their lives to drowning. Chao that cannot swim will not be interested in going into any water, with the only exception to this being the water found in the Hero Garden. However, entering any garden will spawn Chao in places that force them to jump into water to get to the garden's mainland. If this happens, you will need to get the Chao out of the water as soon as possible, especially if it is a newborn Chao.

If a Chao cannot swim and jumps into the water, it will flail as usual. Its Happiness value will slowly decrease the longer the Chao is in the water. If the value reaches 0, the Chao will become motionless in the water and a gray cocoon will appear. If you are fast enough, entering and exiting the garden will save the Chao's life. If not, the Chao will pass away and be lost.

The code got removed in version 9.3 due to it not playing well, but it has returned in version 9.5.

Enable Spindash and Somersault

This code allows the player to Spin Dash and Somersault, like in Sonic Adventure DX, in Chao World. Characters like Sonic and Shadow will be able to use more of their moves here, but it increases the risk that you will accidentally hurt your Chao.

Chao Hunger

Enabling this code before version 9.5 makes a Chao's hunger have another effect. If a Chao becomes hungry, and stays hungry depending long enough, its "Urge To Cry" value will jump up. If the Chao is a baby, the value increases to 120. Adult Chao will see an increase to 80. This will happen with any Chao, as long as it's not sleeping during its starvation, but Chao that have a Crybaby personality only need a small amount of an urge-to-cry value to possibly start crying. Regardless of the Chao's personality and age, once the Chao starts crying, it will lose happiness faster. Meanwhile, the garden's fruit will give Chao more Stamina than usual.

In version 9.5, this code is still in the mod, but it has now received a rework. Instead of activating randomly, the code will now activate when the Chao cries from hunger, and depending on how you feed your Chao, the code's effects will happen more often now. When it does activate, the Chao will see its "Urge To Cry" value jump up to between 100 and 200, and the same will occur to its "Anger" value, making the Chao more prone to bullying. Baby Chao and Adult Chao will now see the same value increases.

Chao Attention

This code adds more depth to Chao behavior and evolutions. If you're not petting your Chao often or giving it some attention, its Happiness value will slowly decrease. However, they will also evolve faster.

Annoying Mean Chao

This code makes Chao with angry eyes gradually hate all characters. This can be particularly concerning if you have Bully Chao enabled.

Sick Chao Rarity

n vanilla Sonic Adventure 2, it is very unlikely to see a Chao get sick. If you have Chao World Extended and this code is enabled, that will all change.

Prior to version 9.5, this code was called "More Sick Chao", and code encouraged players to take good care of their Chao by making the Chao sick if the player does something wrong. Once the Chao Doctor takes care of the sickness, the Chao will not get the sickness again for a long time. However, your Chao will only need 80xp instead of 100xp to level up while it is sick. The sickness will not immediately happen to the Chao after the mistake is made, but will do so later on. It is also not a 100% chance that the Chao will develop the sickness. So, players will need to pay attention to what their Chao are doing. If a Chao is standing around and seems to be not doing anything, there's a chance it's sick. Sick Chao tend to do this more often, because most of their illnesses force them to stand up.

A Chao's personality and skill-type can also make them immune to certain sicknesses. Chao that are Swim-types will not get a Cold or Running Nose. Hiccups, which happen to Chao that eat too many fruit too fast, and Stomach aches, which happen if a Chao has overeaten because the player forced them to eat, won't happen for Chao that are a Power-type. The Chao's personality can also influence what sicknesses the Chao can get. For example, personalities will decide if a Chao gets a Cold or Running nose from swimming too much. If you have a very active Chao, it will likely be the latter. If a Chao has a Big Eater personality, it will not get a Stomachache if the Chao has overeaten because the player forced them to eat.

There are only 2 sickness that can happen to a wide range of Chao. The first is Coughing, which Chao are prone to getting if they're 4 years old and up. The second, a Rash, is alignment-specific. Hero Chao can get rashes if they are taken care of by a Dark character, or they're living in the Dark Garden. The same applies vice versa. If a Dark Chao lives in a Hero Garden, or they're being taken care of by a Hero character, they'll develop a Rash. However, the garden seems to take priority above all else. Even if a Chao is being taken care of by a character of the opposite alignment, they won't develop a Rash as easily if they're in the correct garden alignment. Regardless of the sickness, and regardless of how high the Chao's Happiness value is, the Chao will lose 30 happiness and is guaranteed to not reincarnate if it is sick.

As of version 9.5, this code received a complete overhaul. There is no longer any criteria met for a Chao to get sick. The code simply changes frequency of sicknesses. How much, exactly, depends on the option the player chooses. Picking the "Rare" option makes it a 1 in 6,000 chance for a Chao to get sick. "Normal" makes it a 1 in 600 chance. "Frequent" makes it a 1 in 60 chance, and "oh no" makes it a 1 in 6 chance. Whenever your Chao falls ill, it is completely random what the Chao gets. However, it can be any of the sicknesses previously mentioned in this section.

Easy Mode

These codes aim to make the chao raising experience easier, such as by making grindier parts of raising require less effort on the player's end.

Emotion Display

A new code that was added in version 9.5. This code, when enabled, adds an emotion display to each Chao. An icon will appear next to a Chao that will let the player know if the Chao is scared (a tear drop), sick (a plus sign), hungry (a fruit), and/or ready to mate (a heart). Multiple icons will appear next to the Chao simultaneously if necessary.

Fruits Never Despawn

This code makes fruits unable to de-spawn, including fruits purchased from the Black Market.

Reusable Chaos Drive

As the name implies, this makes it so Chaos Drives don't disappear after the player gives it to a Chao. They will remain reusable after use, similar to the reusable chaos drives glitch found in the vanilla versions of the game. Chaos drives can be given to chao as normal, but they will not disappear.

In the latest version of Chao World Extended, the drives now remain in the garden indefinitely. In older versions they would only remain reusable after the first use until the player left the garden, where they would then disappear.

Reuse Animals

This code allows for small animals to be reused in the garden, similar to the glitch often exploited by players to reduce the grind of raising Chao. The player can give small animals to chao as normal, but the small animal will remain reusable and remain in the garden.

Instantly Grow Trees

This code, also as the name implies, makes it so trees reach their full growth immediately after their seeds are planted.

Instantly Grow Fruits

When enabled, as long as your fruit inventory doesn't get filled up because of fruits from another garden you're not in, fruits will instantly grow to full bloom on the trees and quickly fall off. The cycle repeats once the Chao eat the fruit, meaning that your garden is always going to have some fruit available for your Chao.

Chao can't hate characters

If this code is enabled, then the character bond values for Chao will never drop below 0. This makes it impossible for a Chao to dislike characters.

Auto generate stats

With this code enabled, all Chao in the current garden will have their stats increase over time.

Stronger Chaos Drives

Having this code enabled will make Chaos Drives stronger and provide Chao a lot of points. The catch is that they will give 20% Luck rather than the usual 40%.

Disable Reincartnation

Enabling this code freezes the lifespan of your Chao, making them immortal and unable to die or reincarnate.

Reincarnation requires 20 Happiness

When enabled, the code makes the required amount of Happiness for a Chao to reincarnate to be 20 instead of 80. The code also makes a Chao grow up at a slower pace, and the speed of the garden cannot be changed to be faster using a chao editor. The code was added in version

Miscellaneous Features

Multi-save file

In vanilla Sonic Adventure 2, you can have 10 main game save files, but only one Chao save file is allowed. This code makes very main game save have its own Chao save file. With all 10 Chao saves, you can have up to 240 Chao in total with the code enabled. The Move Menu in the chao transporter allows for chao to be transferred between these save files.

Chao Counter

This code shows a counter in the corner of the screen when paused that tells the player how many Chao are in the current garden. This code is compatible with other codes within Chao World Extended that increase the capacity of chao in the garden.

Keep All Current Animal Parts

Stop Chao's animal parts changing or being added or removed when given Small Animals.

Disable Animal Parts (Arms & Legs) and Disable Animal Parts (All)

There are 2 codes in Chao World Extended that, depending on which one enabled, will automatically remove a specific number of animal parts. The first one will remove only the animal parts for arms and legs. The second one removes all of them.

Dynamic Lifetime

If you have this code enabled, the length of a Chao's life will change, depending on the amount of Chao that are in the garden at once. If it's less than 8 Chao in a garden, Chao will grow and evolve faster. If it's more than 8, they'll grow and evolve more slowly.

Lucky Chao

This code, when enabled, adds a 1 in 60 chance that a Chao will be born with a hat, toy, or lesson.

Stay Baby Chao until lvl. 10

While this code will make getting a Perfect Chao more difficult, it also increases a Chao's stats very slowly until they reach level 10. It will also be unable to evolve until either the Chao will gain enough points from this code to be able to walk and swim on their own time, but you'll need to give them another 100 Fly stats points for them to be able to fly.

Merge Hero and Dark Garden Chao Slots

In vanilla Sonic Adventure 2, the Hero and Dark Garden have 8 Chao slots each, and they are completely separated from each other. This code changes that. Enabling the code will merge the Chao slots of both gardens. For example, if the player has 1 Chao in the Dark Garden and 1 Chao in the Hero Garden, they can find both of their Chao in either garden. Merging Chao slots is currently not possible for the Chao Garden, as the garden's coding is different in that regard.

Chao In Garden Limit

Prior to version 9.5, this code was called "Increase Chao Limit Per Garden To 16". This was another code that changed the Chao limits in gardens. Enabling this code raised the maximum amount of Chao that the player can have in any garden to 16. This code now makes it so players can decide specifically how many Chao they want in each garden, from 8 to 24. The number you pick also sets the breed limit.

This code does NOT increase the 24 chao limit per save file. No codes within Chao World Extended currently do this.

Personality Multiplier

This code was once called "Triple The Personalities Effects". Originally, it was a part of the Fitting Chao Personality code, and has since been separated to become a code of its own. Prior to version 9.5, all Chao's personalities would be amplified by 3, making them do more things and increase activity in the garden. When it was part of the Fitting Chao Personality code, the personalities were amplified by 4.

As of version 9.5, this has been reworked into a personality multiplier, where the player has more options to choose from. You can now decide if you want the personalities of the Chao to be multiplied by 2, or by 3.

SADX Chao Alignment

In Sonic Adventure 2, players were given a different method to change a chao's Alignment by allowing it to be influenced by the character currently caring for chao. This code removes that entirely, forcing the player to use the Sonic Adventure DX method of Chao alignment: giving a Chao a Hero or Dark fruit.

More faces for newborn Chao

This code increases the variety of faces a Chao can have when it hatches out of an egg. Some examples include a happy face with an open mouth. Some faces can now make the Chao look like they are sleeping, not amused, or even screaming. The "Fitting Chao Personality" code will adjust accordingly if this code is enabled.

Remove Dark Chao Mean Eyes Override

When a Chao evolves into a Dark Chao in vanilla Sonic Adventure 2, they are always forced to have mean eyes. If enabled, This code stops that, allowing the Chao to keep the eyes it had before it evolved.

Force Shiny Twotone

Enabling this code forces all Bright Chao to become Shiny Two-Tone Chao. Shiny Fruit are not necessary to "fix" Bright Chao; this will automatically make all Bright chao into Shiny Two-tone chao.

HD Toys Models

Mod Name: HD Toys Models

This mod replaced the models of the Neutral Garden TV and Dark Garden radio to the models used in SEGA Superstars.

Shorten Black Market Dialog

This code, added in version 9.4, is precisely what the name implies. Enabling the code allows players to see what is in stock in the Black Market quicker by allowing bypassing of the dialog the player sees when entering the Black Market.

Detail Settings

These codes aim to add variety to the events that happen within the chao garden, as well as to the Chao Doctor. The Chao will be more expressive, make more sounds, do more things and have personalities that stand out more.

Fitting Personality

This code, when enabled, revamps the personalities of Chao. A Chao's personality will be set depending on the Chao's face. For example, if a Chao's expression is sad, then that Chao will likely have a Crybaby personality. Chao that have wide open mouths may be Big Eaters. If the Chao has a "> <" face, they may be Energetic, depending on the mouth they get with it. The personality can also change with evolutions. A Power-type will become a Big Eater, while Run-types go the opposite way. Likewise, Fly-types become more Curious with their personalities, and go the opposite way if they become a Swim-type. Chao will also gradually come to dislike characters of the opposite alignment.

Here's what Chao personalities and related values do what in Chao World Extended:

  • Energetic Chao will move around the garden more, and they also swim more often. Their animations are faster, will hate the player faster if abused, and they may go to a tree to take their nap when they're sleepy.
  • Big Eater Chao will eat a lot. They will always eat like they are starving, and will punch their food on occasion.
  • Crybaby Chao will cry more often when it is abused or hungry, and sit around the garden more. When they start crying, it takes them longer than other Chao to calm down.
  • Carefree Chao won't be bored as easily, take longer to hate the player if they're abused, and their animations are slower.
  • Naive Chao will take less time to become sleepy, and their naps will be longer.
  • Curious Chao will get bored more often. They're also less likely to throw their food away.
  • Skillful Chao will pick up Chaos Drives and Animals faster.
  • A Chao with high Solitude won't interact with the character much, such as greeting the character and wanting the character's attention.
  • Kind Chao won't become Bully Chao as easily. In fact, they have a chance to interfere with a Bully Chao's attack.
  • A Chao with high Regain will recover from dizziness faster, wake up faster, and stand up from sitting and doing nothing faster.
  • Chatty Chao, prior to version 9, will talk to other Chao more often (if "More Chao Actions" and "More Chao Animations" are enabled).
  • A Chao with high Vitality moves around the garden more, and enters its mating season faster. A Tire value exists that acts as a check on Vitality so the Chao doesn't overdo it, especially with Energetic Chao.

Fickle, Charm, Stress and Condition are not used in Chao World Extended, because these have been hidden values in the game that were discovered only recently. Stress seems to make a Chao pass away without reincarnating, and Condition seems to be related to sicknesses. Fickle is used to calculate Chao emotions such as Relax, which is a timer that decides how long a Chao stands still after they were petted or put back down on the ground.

Doctor Chao Gives More Information

The Chao Doctor is only able to say one line in vanilla Sonic Adventure 2, but enabling this mod will change that. The Chao Doctor will be able to say a wide variety of things for various reasons.

Your Chao is very healthy. Please take good care of your Chao.
Adult Happiness (Remaining life Under 2000)
80 - 100 This Chao looks very happy. This is how you take care of Chao!
50 - 80 Looks like you're taking good care of your Chao.
0 - 50 It doesn't look like you're taking very good care of your Chao.
Reincarnated 1 - 2 times Take care of this Chao the way you have been so far.
Reincarnated 3 - 4 times You really love your Chao. I can't believe this!
Reincarnated 5 - 65535 times Looks like this Chao transformed so many times!
Age between 4 - 5 This Chao has had a long life! Please take care of your Chao.
Personality (Normal - Curious)
-40 - -80 This Chao is easily bored. Your Chao must keep you busy.
0 This Chao is so quiet. Be sure to take it outside to play.
40 - 80 This Chao is very curious. This Chao will try anything.
Personality (Normal - Kindness)
-40 - -80 This Chao gets frustrated easily. It's not healthy.
0 This Chao seems to behave normally. Please take good care of your Chao.
40 - 80 This Chao is very kind! Your Chao must have a lot of friends.
Personality (Crybaby - Energetic)
-40 - -80 This Chao cries a lot. Everyone will make fun of you!
40 - 80 Such an energetic Chao! Take it easy, OK?
Personality (Naive - Normal)
-40 - -80 This Chao is very naive. You have to teach it!
40 - 80 This Chao is experienced. Please take care of your Chao.
Personality (Solitude - Normal)
-40 - -80 This Chao seems pretty confident. Don't overdo it, okay?
40 - 80 This Chao is very lonely. They should try talking to others more often.
Personality (Normal - Vitality)
-40 - 80 This Chao likes to sit around a lot. You have a very laid back Chao.
40 - 80 It seems mating season is coming soon for the young one!
Personality (Skillful)
40 - 80: This Chao seems to learn quickly. Please take care of your Chao.
Personality (Chatty)
-40 -80 This Chao is very shy. It's not very confident, is it?
0 This Chao seems to behave normally. Please take good care of your Chao
40 - 80 This Chao is very chatty! Your Chao must have a lot of friends!
Personality(Normal - Big Eater)
-40 - -80 This Chao doesn't eat much. Don't over feed your Chao!
0 This Chao eats very well. Please take good care of your Chao.
40 - 80 This Chao eats more than usual. Make sure you feed it!
Personality (Normal - Carefree)
-40 -80 This Chao seems to be anxious and stressed out. Take it easy, OK?
0 This Chao has some potential. Please take care of your Chao.
40 - 80 This Chao is relaxed. Please take care of your Chao.
Desire to mate >5000 Your Chao is able to mate with another Chao without Heart Fruits.
Desire to mate >8000 Your Chao is gonna have a baby. Make sure you have space.
Hunger >8000 This Chao is hungry. Please feed your Chao.
Sleep >8000 Looks like this Chao is sleepy. Let your Chao rest.
Tired This Chao looks tired. I think this Chao needs a nap.
Boredom >4000 Looks like this Chao is bored. It wants to play.
Energy >8000 Looks like this Chao is ready to swim.
Energy <900 This Chao is not healthy. Be careful not to catch a cold.
Cry + Fear + Dizzy Looks like Chao is in pain. Did you hurt your Chao?
Bully >100 This Chao is so naughty. Is this Chao bullying other Chao?
Pumpkin This Chao is wearing a pumpkin hat. You scared me!
Skeleton Are you wearing a skeleton hat? Oh No. What are you?
Watermelon A watermelon? That's strange.
Apple Is this Chao wearing an apple? What happened?
Pot This Chao is wearing a pot. Can it cook?
Tin Can Is that a tin can? Are you okay?
Paper Bag This Chao is wearing a paper bag. Is it embarrassed?
Box A cardboard box? Don't be afraid to show your face okay?
Egg This Chao is wearing an eggshell. Did it hatch properly?
Intel 255-10 This Chao is very smart. This Chao must be a fast learner.
Intel 9-4 This Chao is well-behaved. Praise the Chao and it will learn a lot.
Luck 255-10 This is a very lucky Chao. I'm so jealous!!
Luck 9-4 This Chao is lucky. Please take good care of your Chao
all level 99 You really love your Chao. You're an excellent Chao trainer!
Adult under level 10 This Chao is spoiled. Is this Chao potty trained?
Baby This Chao is still a baby. It'll be fun to see your Chao grow.
Character Bond
Adult 0 This Chao looks lonely. Do you spend time with your Chao?
All This Chao is so popular. This Chao must be friends with everybody!

More Chao Animations

It brings back many Chao animations that were not used in vanilla Sonic Adventure 2, but had been left unused inside the game's coding. Within the main article above is a table of every animation Chao World Extended brings back, as well as what makes them happen.

More Chao Sounds

Chao now make more sounds; some sounds were unused in vanilla Sonic Adventure 2, while others were brought in from Sonic Adventure DX. Chao will make sounds when they pick up a fruit, are thrown, jump off of a high platform, the player gives them a fruit, the Chao finishes eating, a dream or nightmare during sleep, and much more.

HD Hoodie Model

Makes the hoodie accessories added by CWE more higher poly.

Dreamcast Cocoon

Mod Name: DCCocoons

The evolution and reincarnation cocoon will become the same grey color as the death cocoon, just like the Dreamcast version. When a chao is due to transform, it will not be clear if the chao is going to reincarnate or disappear.

Input Codes

These codes enable features you can enable based on your preference of controls, or something you can enable by doing certain key/button inputs.

Better Camera Control

The game's camera will be more controllable with this code enabled. There are 3 codes that map the controls for the camera onto different control schemes depending on the players preference.

For the controller, Players can rotate the camera up and down by using the Right Stick, and move it up and down by using the D-Pad Up and Down. Freezing the camera is possible by hitting the left button on the D-Pad. Unzoom Mode can be activate with the right button on the D-Pad, and pressing the L and R shoulder buttons together will reset the camera back to normal.

For the keyboard, The game's camera will be more controllable with this code enabled. Players can move the camera up and down by using the "R" key and "F" key, respectively. and rotate it up and down by using the "T" and "G" keys, respectively. Freezing the camera is possible by hitting the "*" key. Unzooming the camera can be done with the "-" key. If you want to get more of a zoom, press the "+" key. When the player is all done, pressing the "backspace" key will reset the camera back to normal.

Hold X To Go Negative Chao Save

This code comes from an old mod that is now part of Chao World Extended. Once the code is enabled, hold the X button when using a controller, or the U key when on keyboard, before entering Chao World. Doing so will make the game create a new save file (SONIC2B__BLK) with alternate Chao skins. Neutral and Hero Chao become black, while Dark Chao become white. It should be noted that the same effect is achieved on individual Chao using the Negative Mirror found in CWE without this code on, allowing the chao to coexist on regular save files, so this code is best reserved for older save files that rely on this code to change the entire garden.

Race & Karate Features

Chao Karate gives Medals

Enabling this code will add 4 medals that Chao can win by becoming the champion in each tournament. The Beginner tournament gives an Amethyst Medal, Standard rewards your Chao with a Ruby Medal, Expert gives a Sapphire Medal, and the Super tournament gives the winning Chao an Emerald Medal.

Jewel & Beginner Race becomes 8P Party race

Although this code is made for Chao Races Tournaments, and using it requires Krzys's Chao Editor, it is still one players can enable. Players have to select Jewel race, a random Chao, then a race. When a race starts, the first 8 Chao slots in the save file will be who competes in the race. The player can see who they are in the top of the "Your Chao" area of the Chao Editor.

Manually switch Camera (Keyboard)

In vanilla Sonic Adventure 2, and with this code not enabled, the camera will only follow the player's Chao during Chao Races. Enabling this codes adds the ability to use the number keys, from 1 to 8, to have the camera switch the Chao it is focused on.

Win Jewel Chao in Jewel Race

This is another method for players to get Jewel Chao. This time, the chance is 100%. The code, when enabled, allows players to win a certain Jewel Chao on the 5th level of a race, as long as the player does not already have that kind of Jewel Chao in a garden, or they have 24 Chao in their save file. For example, winning the 5th level of the Garnet Race will reward players with a Chao egg that will hatch into a Garnet Jewel Chao. If the player already has a Garnet Chao, or the 24-Chao limit allowed in a save file has been reached, no egg will be received.

Chao Gain Exp at Chao Race

Enabling this code will let Chao gain some experience points for each second the Chao spends in a Beginner and/or Jewel race. When the Chao finishes the race, the number of experience points gained will be added to their stats for leveling up. Passing 100 experience points will add 1 level, and passing 200 experience points will add 2 levels. The amount the Chao receives also depends on the Chao's grade level. For example, if the level up is for a stat type that is S-ranked, the Chao will receive 30 skill points, just like it does from giving Chaos Drives and Animals.

Each race levels up different stats. Aquamarine focuses on Swim, Topaz focuses on Fly, Peridot focuses on Run and Garnet focuses on power. Onyx and Diamond focuses on all of the skill types, but they increase more slowly. Also, all of the races will increase Stamina. However, compared to other stats, this will also increase more slowly. This code only works for Beginner and Jewel Races.

Reduce Jack n Box Punishment

In normal gameplay, chao can be knocked down by a Jack-in-the-box at the start of a Chao Race for a long time, with little chance of catching up. Shorthand for 'reducing the Jack-in-the-box punishment', this code allows all chao to recover faster after being knocked down and have a better chance of catching up.

Ignore the Minigame Intel

Allows all Chao to pass intel checks in races, specifically the Fruit/Sonic Doll minigame found in the middle of the Onyx/Diamond race and other races that use a similar layout, regardless of their current intelligence stat.

Cheat and Debug

These codes contain things used for technical or cheat/anti-cheat features. If you want your Chao to become very overpowered, these codes will achieve that goal. However, there will be some Race codes, modded Chao Races, and Chao Race tournaments held by the community that your Chao will be banned from.

Toy Reset Button

With the Movable toys code on, Pressing X+A+L while in the lobby will reset the toys in each garden to their default position.

Black Market Debug Menu

Enabling this code gives the player the ability to activate the Debug Menu when you're in the Black Market. This can be accessed using the X and Y buttons on a controller, or the Yellow and Blue inputs mapped to the keyboard. A menu will appear in the top left that enables the player to force any item, no matter how rare it is, become available to purchase for its usual price via the Black Market.

Disable Level Limit

Vanilla Sonic Adventure 2 have a Chao level limit of 99. This code removes that limit and allows for stat progression past this point.

Removed Codes

These codes had been in the mod at one point, but for varying reasons, eventually got removed.

Increase Chao Limit To 16

This code enabled players to have 16 Chao in one garden. It was replaced in version 9.5.3 by the Chao In Garden Limit code.

Chao fruit boost

Chao Fruit was previously configured to be more powerful in older versions of Chao World Extended. This has since been removed in recent versions as newer additions such as the Chao Fruit Tree would become too overpowered. To gain a similar effect, Enhanced Chao World has a stronger chao fruit code that functions as this code once did.

Chaos Chao Keep Eyes Upon Reincarnation

Enabling this code will allow Chaos Chao to keep their eyes if they reincarnate.

As of version 9.3, this code has been removed due to players not using it.

Pacifier Reincarnates Chao

Giving a Chao a Pacifier item with this code enabled will make Chao reincarnate immediately. However, its stats will be divided by 20 instead of 10. Depending on the skill type that the Chao had when it evolved, that skill type's rank will decrease by 2. For example, if the Chao is a Swim Type, their Swim Rank will go down by 2. Depending on how strong the rank is, the Chao's grade of Intelligence and Luck will be increase. The higher the Chao's skill type rank is, the larger that the increase to the Intelligence and Luck grade will be.

In version 9.3, the pacifier became an accessory, and the pacifier's old function was used for the Reincarnation Potion that can be found in the Black Market. Because of this, the code has been removed.

DC Wings

The original Sonic Adventure 2 on the Dreamcast had the ability to make the wings of a Jewel, Texture or Color Chao the same color as the Chao. Enabling this code brings that back to the PC version.

In version 9.2, this got changed to be the Cosmetic Wings item that can be given a specific Chao by buying from the Black Market. Because of this, the code has been removed.

Random Chao Race Alignment

This code randomised the alignment of chao found in the beginner and jewel races.

Due to possible conflicts with other Chao Race mods, this code was removed and made into a seperate mod.

Use Number Pad / Dpad For Change Items In Black Market

This code will give players the opportunity to change items in the Black Market with the 1 2, 3 and 4 Number keys, or using the D-pad if using a controller. 4 pages will be available, each containing fruits, eggs, hats, and more. However, rarer items, for balancing reasons, will not appear at all. These items will only appear as a random occurrence with the code disabled.

This code has been removed in version 9.3, because the Black Market Debug Menu code had been added, making this code pointless and not needed.

Remove Breeding Limit

Prior to version 9.3, this had been a feature in the main mod. It is now an optional code. The code makes Chao still able to breed if there are 8 or more Chao in the garden. If you do not have any other mods that change this limit, the code disables breeding once you have 24 Chao in the save file.

In version 9.5, this code was removed as it had been merged with the "Chao In Garden Limit" code.

Nerf Cheated Chao Stats

This code edits a Chao's stats to be more legitimate, especially if you have edited stats created from Chao editors or you used the Level 99 limit removal code. If the player would like their overpowered, hacked Chao to be able enter the game's Chao Races without the Chao being pushed to another garden, then this codes will help.

The code was removed in version 9.5, as Newer Challenge Race's anti-cheat system had been removed, making the code no longer needed.

More Face Expression

Chao will gain more facial expressions with this code enabled. Depending on the action, there are some Chao actions that Chao will now change expressions for. For example, Chao will have a happy face after they are done eating a fruit.

This code was removed in version 9.5 because it had been merged with More Chao Animations. The latter has also been merged with the main mod, and is no longer a code.

Mods that previously came with CWE

The mods below are no longer included with Chao World Extended on download, and are instead now a code in the mod or downloaded elsewhere.

Dreamcast Gardens

Changes the layout of 3 Chao Gardens to the layouts from the Dreamcast version of from Sonic Adventure 2. Due to the tendency to has significant conflicts with other mods and causing crashes, it is now usually only used for the VMU; for the Dreamcast Layout, it is recommended to use Enhanced Chao World's Enhanced Gardens instead, as they also use the Dreamcast Layout without all the conflicts present in the Dreamcast Gardens mod. If one wishes to use the mod solely for the VMU aspect, they can download the mod from Gamebanana and toggle the Dreamcast layout to be off.

Dreamcast Cocoon

The evolution and reincarnation cocoon will become the same color as the death cocoon, just like the Dreamcast version. When a chao is due to transform, it will not be clear if the chao is going to reincarnate or disappear. It is no longer a seperate mod, and is now a code found in the Miscellaneous Features of Chao World Extended.

Disable Level Up Jingle

This mod would disabled the level-up jingle that plays as usually interrupts the currently playing music. It is no longer a seperate mod, and is now a code found in the Miscellaneous Features of Chao World Extended.

HD Toys Models

Mod Name: HD Toys Models

This mod replaced the models of the Neutral Garden TV and Dark Garden radio to the model versions seen in SEGA Superstars. It is no longer a seperate mod, and is now a code found in the Miscellaneous Features of Chao World Extended.

Chao Party Race Fair Patch

Mod Name: ChaoRacePatch

This mod shortened the length of time taken for the Jack-in-the-box stun to wear off at the start of the Diamond and Onyx races, as well as skipping the puzzle section of these races, giving the player's Chao more of an opportunity to catch up if the Chao messes up. It is no longer a seperate mod, and is now seperated into 2 codes found in the Race and Karate Features of Chao World Extended.