Chaos Drives

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Chaos Drives
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Chaos drives.
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Chaos Drives
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A G.U.N. robot.

Chaos Drives are parts of G.U.N. robots which can be fed to Chao, much like animals, to increase their stats in Sonic Adventure 2.


Chaos Drives are obtained by destroying G.U.N. robots in levels, and are collected along with Animals. The player can only collect up to ten animals or drives while in an action stage to bring them back to the Garden.

G.U.N. robots will drop one drive of a random color; there is no way to ensure specific color Drive drops.

A Chaos Drive found in an action stage.


Chaos Drives come in four colour varieties; Yellow, Purple, Green, and Red, which each correspond to a specific stat.


  • Yellow increases Swim by 24% of the Chao's stat bar
  • Purple increases Fly by 24% of the Chao's stat bar
  • Green increases Run by 24% of the Chao's stat bar
  • Red increases Power by 24% of the Chao's stat bar

Additionally, each Chaos Drive increases Intelligence, taking five drives to level it up, as well as Luck, taking 2-3 Drives to raise the level by one. Chaos Drives are twice as effective as animals when raising Luck, and just as effective as animals for raising Intelligence.

Chaos Drives when given to Chao, unlike animals, do not give the Chao any new behaviors, nor do they give any animal parts. This can be advantageous for raising a Chao's stats without disrupting their current animal parts.


Chaos Drives increase the relevant stat by 1.6. This value can change depending on the Chao’s type, and how much of a stat they have.

The full details of this is still being researched