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Cheese the chao. Chao!
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Cheese is a recurring Chao character in the Sonic the hedgehog series. He is almost always seen alongside his best friend, Cream the Rabbit. He has a twin brother named Chocola. Although chao are genderless, Cheese is most often referred to as being male.


Cheese is a regular-coloured two tone child chao, just like the starting chao found in the gardens of the Sonic Adventure games. He wears a red bow tie, and has a closed smile with regular eyes. He is shown to enjoy playing with other chao. The only thing Cheese is able to say is "Chao!"


Appearances in the games

Sonic Advance 2

This game was the first to introduce Cream and Cheese. The duo, along with Vanilla were kidnapped by Dr Eggman. Sonic the Hedgehog soon arrived, freeing them after defeating Eggman's robot. With Vanilla still being held captive, Cream and Cheese decided to team up with Sonic and his pals to rescue her. This game introduced Cream and Cheese's signature move, the Chao Attack, which is their primary form of offence.

Sonic Advance 3

Cheese in Sonic Advance 3

Cream and Cheese befriend G-merl after he is repaired by Tails. He then comes to live with Vanilla, Cream and Cheese.

Sonic Heroes

Cheese in Sonic Heroes

In Sonic Heroes, Cheese's twin brother Chocola is kidnapped by Metal Sonic. In this game, the Chao Attack is known as the Cheese Attack. This serves as Team Rose's Fly Formation attack, where Cream sends Cheese into enemies. This game identified Cheese as a male chao.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Cheese in Shadow the Hedgehog

Cream and Cheese wander into Cryptic Castle and get separated. Shadow and Amy find Cheese and reunite the two. Interestingly, Amy refers to Cheese as a female.

Sonic Battle

In Sonic Battle, Cream and Cheese befriend Emerl the Gizoid. Cheese also encouraged Cream to defeat Chaos Gamma.

Sonic Rush

In Sonic Rush, Cream and Cheese befriend Blaze and accompany her on her mission to reclaim the Sol Emeralds.

Sonic Colors (DS Version)

Cream and Cheese accidentally wander into Eggman's Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park, where Cheese is mistaken for a wisp by Orbot and Cubot. Cheese was later attacked again by Cubot whilst protecting another chao.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

Cheese in Sonic Chronicles

Cheese appears as an obtainable chao that can be equipped to a character. When bonded, depending on his level, he will raise the entire team's luck stat. Cheese is the only chao in the game who can't be hatched - instead, the player must find Cheese during the mission to recruit Cream in Green Hill Zone. This also means Cheese is the only chao to have significance in a side-quest.

Cheese stat screen.

Sonic Generations (PC, Console)

At the beginning of the game, Cream and Cheese attended Sonic's birthday party. However, when the Time Eater appeared, Cheese and his friends were sucked into White Space and ended up as statues. They were eventually rescued by Classic and Modern Sonic. Cheese can be seen cheering for both Sonics during the final battle against the Time Eater.

Sonic Forces Speed Battle

Cheese can be found alongside Cream as a usable character in Sonic Runners. There is a Spring Cream outfit with Cheese in a butterfly costume, and Unicorn Cream with Cheese found in a unicorn costume.

Cream and Cheese unicorn outfit in Sonic Runners.

Appearances in other media

Sonic X

Cheese is a recurring character in the Sonic X anime, even being the focal point of certain episodes. He hails from the same unnamed planet as Sonic and friends, living an idyllic life with Cream the Rabbit and Vanilla. Upon being rescued from Area 99's Research Facility by Sonic the Hedgehog, Cream and Cheese are taken in by the Thorndyke residence. Like Cream, Cheese enjoys making flower crowns and having tea parties. Below are some notable episodes involving Cheese.

Sonic X Episodes
Episode 7 - Party Hardly Chris' teacher Mr Stewart decides to drop by for a visit, secretly hoping to check out the alien lifeforms residing there. Cream and Cheese cause chaos when they refuse to stay hidden, accidentally blowing everyone's cover. Chris ends up inadvertently upsetting the two.
Episode 22 - Little Chao Lost Sonic and his friends visit Mr Tanaka's homeland of Japan for a vacation. Cheese, while swimming, is accidentally swept away by a current. Whilst searching for Cheese, Chris and his friends discover a secret Chao Colony.
Episode 39 - Defective Detectives During the original Japanese credits of this episode, Cheese replaces Amy waiting under the tree for Sonic. This is removed in the English dub.
Episode 46 - A Wild Win When Emerl malfunctions and begins attacking Sonic and friends, Cream and Cheese are able to overload the robot's sensors by attacking together. The duo give Emerl one final kick, sending him crashing into the ocean. At the end of the episode, Cream and Cheese are seen sobbing over Emerl's destruction.


  • According to Sonic Channel, Cheese's favourite food is "Palm Fruit". [1]
  • Cheese's name is derived from Cream Cheese, hence the Cream & Cheese duo always being together.
  • Cheese was missing his bowtie in Sonic Colors DS for reasons unknown.