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This is a Classroom.
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The Classroom is a location in Sonic Adventure 2's Chao Kindergarten. It's primary function is to teach chao various actions that can be performed in the garden over time while the player plays Action Stages.

While the chao is in the classroom, it cannot be interacted with for the duration of the lesson, including forcing it to leave the lesson early; it must complete the entire lesson before it can be withdrawn from the classroom.


The menu screen the player is presented with when first entering the Classroom.

Leaving and Taking chao

The classroom has 3 actions:

  • Leave Chao - Leaves a currently held chao to learn the current lesson being learned.
  • Take Chao - Take a chao from the classroom. If you are not holding a chao or item, it will be automatically held when taken from the classroom. If you are holding a chao, it will be sent to the garden it is currently assigned to; this can be seen in the Chao Transporter where the chao will have a red cross covering it, indicating which garden it is currently in while also showing it is unavailable.
  • EXIT - Leave the classroom and return to the kindergarten hub.


Each lesson is available for 30 minutes. Once you place a Chao in the classroom, it will take 10 minutes to complete the lesson. The classroom time will only pass while you are playing the game in an Action Stage or in the Chao World; being on the pause menu or in the stage select will not progress time. Time also does not progress while in loading screens.

Lessons are run in a cycle. This cycle is the order in which the lessons are offered; for example, if the current lesson is Cymbals, the next lesson will definitely be Drawing followed by Song, followed by Shake Dance etc.

The cycle is as follows: Song >> Shake Dance >> Drawing >> Bell >> Drum >> Song >> Spin Dance >> Tambourine >> Drawing >> Go go dance >> Trumpet >> Song >> Maracas >> Step dance >> Drawing >> Castanets >> Flute >> Song >> Exercise >> Cymbals >> Drawing >> [back to starting Song]

If the lesson changes while the chao is still learning, the chao will still learn the lesson that it first was left at the classroom to learn.



Chao can learn how to use instruments while in the classroom. If one chao plays an instrument in the garden and another chao pauses beside it, it may join in with making music if it also knows an instrument. This can be easily achieved by picking up another chao yourself and placing them beside the performing chao. If the chao does not know an instrument, it may sit back and watch until the instrument-playing chao is/are finished.

The instruments are as follows:

Instrument Image


A chao that has learned how to draw can sometimes draw on the floor of the garden it resides in. It will slowly appear as the chao doodles; waiting for the chao to finish drawing will have it at full opacity. It will remain on the floor until the player leaves the garden, either by pause menu or by the garden exit.

By placing a chao to learn drawing again, it will level its drawing skill up to 5 times before the game will say the chao has nothing more to learn. The pictures the chao can draw will vary on its level as seen in the table below.

Note: For level 2 drawings, the picture the chao will draw is based on it's alignment; car for neutral-aligned chao, tulips for hero-aligned chao and skull for dark-aligned chao.

Level Drawing
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5

A chao may also draw different pictures using the Crayons earned from completing the Onyx race. They do not have to have learned how to draw from the Classroom if this is the case, and will draw a different picture based on their alignment and character bonds.

  • The chao may draw a chao; it would be of its own alignment (Hero/Neutral/Dark).
  • The chao may draw one of the characters it has a bond of at least +50 with.

Pictured: Art that the chao can draw using the onyx race crayons.


A Chao singing

A chao that has learned how to sing can sometimes sing in the garden it resides in. Other chao may sit and listen to the song; depending on the chao, the audience may cheer for the singing chao, or they may cover their ears implying the main chao's singing is bad.

By placing a chao to learn 'Song' again, it will level its singing skill up to 5 times before the game will say the chao has nothing more to learn. The song the chao will sing is based on its level as seen in the table below.

A chao will sing the 'Bad Song' if the Chao has no learned any Song lessons, has been given a Parrot and it's Alignment is lower than -0.5; it does not matter what alignment the Chao evolved into during first evolution.

Level Singing
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Bad Singing

Dances & Exercise

A chao may learn different movement-based actions at the garden. These include:

animation Class type
Exercise - The chao performs some aerobics and stretches as a form of exercising.
Gogo Dance - The chao waves its hands up and down, alternating. This is similar to Happy's introduction dance in Chao Karate, however learning this dance will not have your chao perform the same karate introduction.
Shake Dance - The chao pushes its arms outwards to it's left, right, down and up.
Spin Dance - The chao twirls on the spot.
Step Dance - The chao shuffles on the spot.



Below are the tracks used in the Classroom (GC Kindergarten) as background music when the player enters. It consists of various Chao Singing. The tracks are labelled as either Dark or Hero, with the Dark songs sounding more somber and the Hero tracks sounding more cheerful.

Song name Music
Song 1 (Dark 1)
Song 2 (Dark 2)
Song 3 (Dark 3)
Song 4 (Hero 1)
Song 5 (Hero 2)
Song 6 (Hero 3)