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Chao Colours are a major aspect of a Chao's appearance, in addition to the Chao's Tone, Shine, and Jewel Coat. Colour as its own genetic attribute of a Chao was formally introduced in GameCube Engine games, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and Sonic Adventure DX, where many colours were introduced. Every Chao has a single base colour (which can be combined with Tone and Shine to produce varied appearances in Chao), but colours can not be combined to make a new colour.

GameCube Engine

The starting chao

A regular-coloured two-tone starter chao.

The first Chao available from a Garden are what is called a regular-coloured two-tone chao. This is the design used by Cheese across the Sonic series, as well as many chao appearances outside of the gardens. It is recommended that you keep at least two of your initial Chao for breeding purposes, and do not have them evolve into Chaos Chao. This is because the regular colour is the hardest to obtain and the hardest to breed for without transferring Chao from the Tiny Chao Garden.

Colours of chao

There are 14 unique colours for Chao. These are Regular, White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Sky Blue, Orange, Green, Brown, Grey, Lime Green, and Black. Each of the colours, except for Regular, is obtained from the Black Market, and are sold in Shiny and Non-Shiny varieties, and are only sold as Monotone Chao.

While the 13 Black Market colours are self explanatory, the Regular colour, requires more explanation. Regular-coloured Chao have a colour which varies depending on the Chao's current Alignment and Evolution; the Regular colour will visibly change as alignment and evolution change. Obtaining a Monotone Regular Chao, Shiny Regular Chao, or Shiny Monotone Regular Chao requires at least two generations of Breeding.

Monotone and Two-tone

Main article: Tone
A monotone yellow chao on the left, and a twotone yellow chao on the right.
A monotone yellow chao on the left, and a twotone yellow chao on the right.

Chao of one solid colour such as those obtained from the Black Market are known as Monotone Chao. These Chao are one solid colour with no markings or gradient effects, with only the wings and emote ball changing with evolution. Two-tone Chao on the other hand, do have markings which are often described as similar to the starter Chao.

Note: Shiny two-tone chao on the SA2HD versions of the game have a strikingly bright appearance; this is an unintended effect that has lead to chao of this nature being called Bright Chao. Using the Chao World Extended mod fixes this bug and allows the player to switch between bright chao and shiny two-tone chao.


Main article: Genetics

When breeding chao, certain characteristics take priority when determining the appearance of the Chao; this is done via dominant and recessive genes. Every chao has 2 alleles for each gene. In laymans terms, when the chao are bred, the offspring will take 1 of each of the parents genes at random, which will also determine it's appearance. This can be shown with the below punnett square diagram.


The appearance of the chao is determined by these genes. Specifically for appearance, there is a gene for determining what colour it will be. If the chao inherits two of the same gene, it will appear as such. If two genes are different, the chao will appear as follows:

  • If a Chao inherits both a red and a blue gene, they have a 50/50 chance of appearing as either.
  • All the Chao colours except Regular are equally dominant, with Regular colour being recessive. If a chao has both a regular-coloured gene and a different-coloured gene, the appearance will always take on that of the different-coloured gene, but they will still be able to breed a regular chao as the gene still exists within them. This means, to achieve another regular-coloured chao like the 2 starter chao, both inherited genes must be of the Regular-colour.

Unintentional 'Unused' Colours

The following table contains images of 3 Chao colours are unobtainable without hacking, cheats or mods, such as Chao World Extended. These colours are actually just 3 of many unintended colours caused by forcing the colour of a Chao to be a number other than the 14 colours within the game; the main 14 colours are indexed in an array of 0-13, and these colours are caused by choosing values outside of the array. The specific values are listed in the table.

The names given to these three colours were names given by fans that spread across the community, and are not considered official.

Chao Colour Monotone Image Colour Index
Darker Grey 30
Powder Blue 21
Deep Dark Blue 82

Dreamcast Engine

In the Dreamcast Engine, the primary feature of a Chao's appearance is Jewel type; however, in Sonic Adventure there is a Black Chao (which appears more like the GameCube Engine's version of a Two-tone Black Chao). The Black colour is not a separate gene from Jewel, like in the GameCube engine, and the Black colour could be combined with the Gold and Silver Jewel types to create a Copper and Onyx Chao, respectively. Additionally, Regular Chao exist in much the same way in Dreamcast games as they do in GameCube Engine games, except without the potential to obtain Monotone or Shiny variants.


Below is a table featuring images of all the available colours in SA2PC with their twotone counterparts.

Description Regular White Blue Red Yellow Orange Sky Blue Pink Green Brown Purple Grey Lime Green Black
Two-tone (adult)