Dreamcast Engine

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Dreamcast Engine
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Dreamcast Engine is the name the community gave to the Chao system in every Dreamcast game. Since the system in SA2 (Dreamcast) derives from SA1 (Dreamcast), we decided to generalize it.


The difference between the Gamecube Engine and the Dreamcast Engine is the general rework of stats, grades, breeding, and more. In the Dreamcast Engine, the stats were on a range of 0-999.

Due to the lack of a real ingame Blackmarket (it was only available online) there were no monotone Chao. However there were a few jewel Chao available.

You also couldn't increase Luck and Intelligence the same way as in the Gamecube Engine. You had to transfer your Chao to Chao Adventure 2 where you could get a Smart Fruit that increased intelligence, and you could open treasure chests along your adventure, where if you make the right choice you get 100 Luck points, if not then you lose 100.

Below are some links to some DC-specific chao pages. All Dreamcast pages are currently under construction, and are therefore lacking a lot of information. We thank you for your patience!